These days, Ethan will chew on anything. Just take a look at the poor, unsuspecting cow pictured above – he had no idea Ethan was gonna take a bite out of his face! I’m pretty sure the reason he’s been chewing on everything these days is because he’s teething – at least I’m hoping that’s what is going on! We’ve had some really late nights this week, attempting to get him to sleep when he’s screaming in pain! Poor baby!

Ethan has been doing great with baby food this week! He’s really in to Squash and Sweet Potatoes. I figured out the correct thickness for his oatmeal and he really enjoys that too! I gave him some mashed up banana in one of those mesh pocket things, but he didn’t like the taste of the banana so he just chewed on the handle instead.


I love that he can sit in the high-chair now! We just gave him puffs this weekend and they tend to fall out of his mouth at first but once they get soggy, he swallows them! Usually after he swallows he’s got his mouth open waiting for another one. He doesn’t quite get the “pick it up with your fingers, bring it to your mouth” concept yet, which is funny because anything else he picks up it goes straight into his mouth!

Also, this kid is rolling over finally!! He’s gone from tummy to back a few times this week! I’ve seen him go back to belly twice, both times he was pushing his feet against something (my leg or the TV cabinet) to help him roll over. So exciting!! Here’s the video of him rolling over this week – this was like his third time ever to do it 🙂

Ethan went to the eye doctor last week for a 6-month check up. Our eye doctor does a free checkup called “Infant-see” in order to catch some early signs of issues. He did great! Look at this cool dude in his new sunglasses!


Ellie had croup AGAIN last week! Ugh! We skipped the last week of tumbling because of it. She did really good her second week of tumbling though – she sang more songs and participated more! It was so fun to see her in action! I’m pretty sure that’s where she picked up her sickness though… bummer!

Conversations with Ellie these days are AMAZING! It’s so awesome to be able to converse with her! I took notes on a few funny things we talked about this week:

  • We were driving by a little lake and Ellie said “OH! A pool!” And I said, “no, Sweetie, it’s a lake.” Then she said “Oh, for catching gooey fish!” (Gooey fish are from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
  • She got a lollipop after she went to the doctor. While eating the lollipop, she asked what the flavor was. I told her it was Cream Soda and she said “Wow! That’s my favorite!” I’m pretty sure she’s never had cream soda before!
  • While painting one morning, Ellie was painting with red and she said “Red is my favorite color!” “It is?” I asked. She said “Yes, it makes me so happy!”
  • She saw a worm and a roly poly this week and she wouldn’t stop talking about them!
  • Ellie got a bob haircut this week! I was tired of her long hair looking scraggly, so we went to a kid’s cuts place and she looks so stinking cute!

Love these sweet kiddos!


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