You did WHAT in 2 Days?

Here’s a picture of Zach working in the attic – tight spaces!

We got up and headed to work on Thursday morning with lots of wet snow on the ground. We were very tired, considering the last 2 nights we’d stayed up late working on prepping the shower for a full install. Well, about 15 minutes after we got to work, Zach got a call from the guys that are installing the custom cement shower pan – instead of coming Monday and Wednesday next week to install the product, they were going to come on Saturday and Monday. Which meant that we had Thursday and Friday to get the drain completely moved, plumbing completely installed and hardibacker up. Those tasks were going to be done on Saturday and Sunday – duh, the weekend! But since all that had to be done before Saturday, we took vacation time from work and worked like crazy the past two days to get it all done!!

Thursday we spent a lot of time in the attic. I was the apprentice running up and down the ladder to get Zach all the tools he needed to completely install the over-head shower pipes and move the black drain air pipe. We also moved the drain to the center of the shower. We had to go find some custom-sized shower head pipes and while we were out we were able to pick up the rest of our wall tile.

Friday we got up early and started the intricate copper pipe work. You know how Windows operating systems have a screen saver called “3-D Pipes”… well, the computer makes it look easy! Check out our pictures of 3-D pipes – it’s crazy!! It looks like someone just wanted to play around with some copper pipes – but it was all intentional! Once all the pipes were sweat, we had to pressure test it all. So we put caps on all the outlets where shower heads will be coming out (since we can’t have water pouring out of the ceiling and walls yet) and turned on the water. Everything worked out great!! So we sealed up the holes between the floor, shower and attic. We sealed up the floor where we moved the drain and sweat some of the inlet water supply, then added some 2x4s to be beside the shower pan curb so once we get the shower door in, we’ll have a stud to tack it into. We didn’t get the hardibacker up on the walls – that will have to wait until after the floor is set next week.

My tip of the day: you know that foam in a can that expands to fill holes. The directions say “do not touch to the skin, wear gloves to touch” (or something like that) – the bottle isn’t lying! I thought I’d use my fingers to wipe some of the foam around a hole, then when I tried to wash my hands, it just rubbed in everywhere on my hands!! It says that acetone can be used to remove it from the skin prior to it setting – finger nail polish remover didn’t help. Then it says that after the foam sets, you must remove it mechanically (from solid products) or it will eventually come off of the skin. SO – you guessed it, I still have the dried foam all over my hands. And to make it worse, my hands were all black from messing with the copper piping that the foam sealed that in and my hands are still black – I can’t get it off! Hopefully in a few days!! oops!! 🙂

We’ll post pictures over the next few days of the shower pan installation process… we’re excited to see it come together!