Yard – Complete!!


FINALLY – we have a complete yard… which means it is time to post pictures!

The front yard landscapers came and installed the grass today! The front yard is now complete. The builder provided 10 bushes and 2 trees. We wanted an evergreen in the front yard, which they wouldn’t provide, so we had them put the 2nd tree in the back yard and we planted it last weekend.

We also already added a few more bushes to the front yard to make it look a little more complete. We purchased our evergreen tree, but we won’t get it delivered and planted (by the nursery thankfully) until 3 more weeks – to give the grass ample time to get rooted into the ground.

Here’s the back yard…


Zach did such a great job on the fence! The grass has been in for two weeks now. We’ll give it another week before walking on it. We still have quite a few more bushes and trees we want to plant, but we’ll wait a month or two before we do that.

We have a great seating area on the back patio and we just moved the hammock stand out there too. It’s lovely to sit in the back and look out into the open space behind us…. Having a completed yard, with summer here now equals serenity! 🙂

You can expand these pictures in the Building our House photo album.