Ellie has started yelling “WOW!” to a lot of things lately! It just makes us laugh so much! She also says “Pee-Eww” every time we change her diaper – whether it’s dirty or not! When we’ve been running errands, as we pull back into our neighborhood Elie will yell “Home!” I’m not sure what she sees that tells her we’re home, but it’s long before we even pull into the garage! I love hearing all of her new expressions!


Ellie has her days where she is a good eater and other days we can’t get her to eat much of anything! We’ve had italian twice this week and she loves to dip the bread in marinara sauce! She also loves black olives and onions!! I think if she could eat these for every meal, she would eat a lot! Other foods she will eat, but only when SHE decides she should eat them are: watermelon, pineapple, apples, grapes, yogurt, black beans, rice and chips. She will also typically eat little crackers or cookies without too much pushing. She’s fallen in love with some Gerber fruit snacks we got and she’s always been good at eating some Gerber fruit-strips. If she won’t eat anything for dinner, sometimes we pull out a granola bar and she will eat quite a bit. I’m not sure if she’s a picky eater or just being a toddler!

We went to a 1st birthday party on Saturday at a park in Highlands Ranch. There are fountains at this park and Ellie had a blast playing and getting soaked! She was so cute as she got soaking wet. When some wild boys came over to play, she would scoot closer to me and wait until they moved along. Once they left, she went back to playing!

photo 4

Ellie loves coloring!! She asks to color every day! She’s getting better coloring with both hands! Here, she’s coloring with daddy!


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This baby boy in my belly moves almost non-stop all day long! I love it! Although I’m getting to the point where I have a hard time bending over to do something or even tie my shoes!

We made our first real trip to an thrift store this weekend to look for some clothes for baby boy! I think we learned from our experience with Ellie that some outfits she only wore a few times and were a waste of money. Knowing that, we decided we would try to do some thrift shopping for our baby boy – especially while he is a baby and doesn’t wear through many clothes. Already having a baby helps me pick different clothes that I know I will like – knowing how Ellie fit into certain clothes with her cloth diapers and just in general what I know will be good for our sweet boy and what won’t. There will still be some things I buy new – like shoes and sleepers (we’ve learned that Carter’s has a style of sleepers that fit the best with the cloth diapers). It was fun picking through the clothes and coming home with a big pile of cute clothes! We’ll probably go back every month to see what else we can find before he arrives!

We shopped this weekend for furniture for our sweet boy. He’ll use the crib Ellie has, but we don’t have a dresser for him. We haven’t found anything we like yet, so we’ll have to keep looking! I’ve also been taking notes on other things we need to get and other things I need to get done before he arrives!