Work Baby Shower

Baby Scholz Cake
Baby Scholz Cake

Today we had our work shower. Since Zach and I worked on the same program for so long, our co-workers decided they should throw us a work baby shower! We went to lunch at a mexican restaurant, had some great cake and then opened presents! Zach took pictures while I opened all of our cute presents! It was so fun and we feel so blessed to have a wonderful work family who cares enough about us to treat us to a special day to welcome our baby girl!

Here are a few pictures of me opening presents… “I love Daddy” onesie:


And this is my favorite outfit… a little pink fleece bear outfit. Complete with little bear ears on the hood!! I’m pretty sure this will be our little girl’s going home outfit – perfect for November!!!


Here’s a picture of all the great outfits we got today:


I love all the pink!

Here are all the great toys we got:


We also got our baby monitors and a Baby Einstein activity jumper. The last thing is supposed to show up on our doorstep tomorrow…. our Pack’n’Play!! One of the ladies collected money from everyone else and that’s what she got!

We were so excited to bring this great stuff home! As exciting as it is to get so many neat things for our baby girl…. I can’t imagine how awesome it will be for us to bring our little girl home in about 3 months!!!!!

We have our 6 month appointment tomorrow. I have to do my glucose test, which shouldn’t be a problem. Maybe we’ll get to have another ultrasound… if we do, I’ll post some more pictures of our baby girl!