Ellie says “wonderful!” to lots of things these days! It’s hilarious! So this week, life is wonderful! 🙂


Ellie can almost sing all of the intro song to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She also loves singing along to the ABCs with some of her toys that play the whole ABC song.

Ellie has started talking about possession, but she puts the “s” on the wrong word: “Ellie Teas” (Ellie’s Tea), “Mama, Dada Beds” (Mama & Dada’s bed), etc. She also talks about herself in third person: “no put on Ellie” (don’t put it on Ellie), “Ellie full”, etc.


Ethan has a very strong grip! When I’m changing his shirt, he will sometimes grab on to the sleeve and it’s really hard to get it out of his grip!


He’s pretty consistent at waking up, eating, staying awake for an hour and then going back to sleep – day or night. He’s been eating every two hours during the day and I’m wanting to extend that so he only eats every 2.5 or 3 hours. We’ve been struggling a few days lately with nursing, sometimes he just screams while I’m trying to feed him. That’s not fun. So we’ve been doing some research and trying different things to calm him down.


Ethan is still being consistent at going to bed at 7pm and waking up for the day between 6:15 and 6:45. Last night, he woke only once at 1am! The night before, he woke up a second time around 5am! I’m hoping he can keep this up and just wake up only once! We’ll see 🙂


Not much else went on this week, just hanging out and enjoying our babies! I definitely don’t get to take as many pictures with two kiddos, but I still get quite a few!

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