Where Have we Been Lately??

Biking Chatfield Reservoir
Biking Chatfield Reservoir

We haven’t blogged in a few weeks because the majority of our time awake has been spent at work. We’ve had some crazy hours to fulfill – so we basically get up, go to work, eat lunch and dinner at work, come home (some times go to the gym), make lunch/dinner for the next day, get to bed – then do it all over again!!

We purchased our bikes with the intent on commuting to work at least 3 times a week, but just as soon as we were ready to start biking to work – we ran into this crazy schedule! So, we haven’t gotten to ride as much as we’d like! BUT – we have been able to take a ride at least once each weekend for the past few weekends. So above is a picture of us at Chatfield Reservoir. We took an early evening ride and the weather was great! We wanted to get the lake with the sunset in the background, but at least you can see the mountains and sunset! We can already tell how much stronger we’ve gotten because hills don’t kill us like they used to! It’s too bad we haven’t gotten to ride as much as we’d wanted… but a little is better than nothing!

Okay, time for bed, we have to work tomorrow…