What’s a Momma to Do?


Here’s a quick post about our week…

Last Sunday the final part of my post explained how Ellie wasn’t eating. Sunday was THE WORST DAY with Ellie so far. Zach and I learned a lot about each other that day – maybe something we already knew – but never saw it until that day…. we are a great team (we knew that) but we are a great team as parents too! When I wanted to lose it, he was strong for both of us. When he was ready to lose it, I was holding it together. In our life together, I believe there are going to be a LOT of days where we need to have that strength and I’m so glad we’re such a good team!


Ellie screamed her head off when I tired to feed her on Sunday. She took two bottles pretty easily. When it was time for her to go to bed, we put her down but she was still hungry. We tried to see if she’d fall asleep but she didn’t. So I figured I’d give it a try… sure enough, she nursed just fine… but I think it’s because she was starving! She slept for 13 hours that night… probably because she wore herself out screaming all day long. It was pretty refreshing for me — after that hard day I really needed some good sleep!

On Monday I took Ellie to Nourish to talk to a Lactation Consultant…. hoping they could tell me something. I told her everything that was going on and she guessed it could be Breast Refusal. She asked a lot of questions like “Have you changed deodorant?”, “have you changed soaps?”, “are you sitting in a different chair?”… so many things that the research shows how babies get confused and don’t want to nurse from mom anymore. The problem was that all of the questions she asked, my answer was “no”… nothing had changed. NOTHING! She kept looking and looking through books and couldn’t find an answer. She worked with me on a few different ways to get Ellie to nurse and I left there feeling somewhat prepared to keep trying. Even though Monday was still a bit of a struggle, complete with screaming, it wasn’t as bad as Sunday and I didn’t have to give her a bottle once.


I stayed home from work on Tuesday and Thursday. We still had Grammy & Gigi come over to watch her, but instead of them feeding her a bottle, I nursed her when she was hungry. I really enjoyed getting to do that! Despite a couple of fussy moments the past few days, Ellie is doing MUCH better and doesn’t seem to have a problem with me anymore! Let’s hope that this doesn’t happen again.

Last night Ellie woke up every 2 hours to eat… boy was that hard. Guess what though? Her little sleepers that were starting to get a little short are DEFINITELY too short now. Yep, she hit her growth spurt – right on cue. Is it possible that this fussy/not-wanting-to-eat-from-mom phase had to do with the growth spurt? I guess we’ll never know, but I’m kind of making that assumption. I just really hope we don’t have to go through that again!

It was a week that I will always remember. Feeling hopeless, wanting so bad to feed my daughter and she refused. What’s a momma to do? I cried. Boy did I cry. But things are looking up and we got through it!

My Ellie Bear is starting to get a little mind of her own…. boy are we in trouble! She is still such a joy though!


Here’s the link to some of this week’s favorite pictures in our album:  February 2011 album.