What all do we Need?

The Skip Hop Dash Deluxe Diaper Bag
The Skip Hop Dash Deluxe Diaper Bag

Here we are in week 15, the baby is the size of an Avocado and is about 5 inches long. That’s pretty big, but why can’t I feel the baby kicking yet?! I’m hoping it happens any day now… although it could be until the 22nd week before I feel anything. Guess we’ll see when our baby gets to surprise me!

My belly is definitely showing more and more these days! I haven’t bought too many other clothes yet, I’m trying to get away with wearing what I have until I just can’t fit any more! I still feel pretty tired every day, but Zach seems to think I’ve got more energy now than I did before. I used to come home and collapse on the couch all night long. Now, I can come home and get some stuff done around the house before I need to collapse on the couch. I’ve tried to be in bed by 9:30 every night, which gives me a full 8 hours of sleep by the time I actually fall asleep (ignoring the pauses in my sleep for middle-of-the-night bathroom breaks). I haven’t felt sick for a while it seems – so that’s fantastic! I haven’t had any weird cravings yet, just still enjoying the variety of foods that sound good each day. I must say though that I have had a few snacks of pickles – just hamburger dill slices. Every time I see a “what we’re made of” McDonald’s commercial, I want some pickles. Nothing mixed in with the pickles though, so I still feel pretty normal!

I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed about thinking about what kinds of things we need for our baby and the idea of registering. On Friday, we went into Baby Gap to check out some of their sale racks of Maternity clothes and we got a 30% off coupon. We saw the above Skip Hop diaper bag, with the really cute gender-neutral pattern and we thought that would be a great deal at 30% off. It turned out that any baby accessories like diaper bags and other non-Gap items are never included in their discount coupons – bummer! Even though we didn’t get the bag, it got me thinking more and more about diaper bags.

I had been comparing the Skip Hop Duo Deluxe and the Skip Hop Dash Deluxe online, trying to determine if either would be a good fit for us. But in all honestly, I have no idea how big of a diaper bag we need – how much stuff will fit in it? Maybe I need to get some baby stuff before we pick a diaper bag. Maybe I take all the things I THINK we’ll need in that bag and then fill up each of the options until one seems to be perfect. Am I thinking too much about this? Then I get tired of pondering the idea and know that it’ll come up again later and eventually I’ll make a decision.

Today, I saw a lady with a 2-year-old boy and she just had a little cute backpack as her diaper bag. That reminded me of the Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags – they have a strap for your shoulder or two straps to wear as a backpack. They seem pretty functional and are mostly a vinyl feeling fabric that would be easy to clean. The problems with Petunia bags is that they are REALLY expensive and very very flowery! I don’t mind girly looking things, but I feel like WE need a diaper bag that Zach wouldn’t be completely embarrassed to carry around too!

As my brain wondered about a backpack, I remembered that Seth & Chamberlin (before the triplets came along) just had a regular Columbia backpack as their diaper bag. It had the same number of pockets as a diaper bag – including the side mesh water bottle pouch that would be great for bottles or sippy-cups! Most backpacks these days come with padded shoulder straps, which would make it quite comfortable. So I might be leaning toward a backpack instead of a real diaper bag… at least that’s how I felt today, we’ll see how I feel when we start registering!

Another overwhelming feeling today was when we went to the “Children’s Consignment Sale” at church. The MOPs group does this huge consignment sale every year – for about 5 hours on a Saturday. We got there about an hour after it started and the lobby area was FULL of children’s clothes – separated by age and gender. Then there were toys and safety items and bouncy seats and so many other things! We walked around trying to see if something was a good deal and if it was something we need. Then the overwhelming feelings crept in again, what do we REALLY need? Should I get this now? Should we just wait? We ended up walking out of there without purchasing anything – but not because there wasn’t some really great stuff, but because we just decided we need to see the whole picture before deciding we need something. Meaning, we’ll do some research and ask lots of questions prior to registering. Then when we register, we’ll see the big picture. We’ll make sure we don’t register for three different types of rockers or other stuff that we only need one of! Next year, when our baby is 6-months old, we’ll go back to that consignment sale and probably be able to pick out some really great things that we will know we need!

The overwhelming feelings only come around every once in a while and then quickly disappear because I don’t let it get to me. I just use those times to brainstorm what we might want to do, but don’t make any real decisions. We’ll have to start making decisions sooner or later, but for now I’ll just think about it. 🙂

Next week is my 16-week appointment and then I’ll schedule the 20-week appointment… which is when we’ll get another ultrasound and find out the gender of the baby! That will be very exciting!! After we find out the gender, we will definitely start thinking of all the things we need to register for… and then actually make some decisions! Until then, we’ll just ponder lots of ideas!