What a Happy Baby!


Another great week with our happy baby! Ellie is 25 weeks old (just one week shy of 6-months)! I don’t know where the time has gone. It was a year ago this coming week that we announced a baby on the way with our “Take your kid to work day” t-shirts that we wore to work. I try remember back when Ellie was 6-weeks old and her fussiness was so hard to deal with. The funny thing is, I can HARDLY remember those fussy, hard times. It was around that time was when her reflux started, and she was so upset from her belly hurting and throwing up all the time. I thought we would never know what it was like NOT to deal with that stuff…. now, I can barely remember those frustrating moments. Ellie is just SO happy and content and sweet. She just lights up our world!


Here’s a little recap of this week…

Ellie goes to sleep without fussing too much. Some nights she’ll still cry for 20-30 minutes, but it’s nothing like it was when we first started the “Ferber” method. She still wakes one, two and sometimes three times a night. Wednesday night she only woke up once – which was a fabulous thing since Thursday was a work day for me. She’s taking two good long naps in her swing each day, plus an extra little snooze sometimes if her last nap is too early in the afternoon.

She’s doing better at sitting up on her own.


She has rolled over a few more times… but doesn’t do it a lot. She LOVES taking off her right sock. She’s getting stronger with her left hand and will get her left sock off sometimes too.

When you take off her diaper, both feet instantly go straight to her mouth.


After her bath, I always lay her on a blanket on the floor and put lotion on her – she gets all squirmy and I just love it. Her little personality comes out more and more each day! During bath time, she loves splashing in the bath tub! We bought her a little swimming suit and swim diapers a few weeks ago and will take her swimming soon!

She’s started making a cute face when she smiles – like she’s trying to show off her teeth (of which there are still none!)… it’s so cute, especially when it’s followed by some giggles as well! She still has some evenings where her gums are bothering her, but we use frozen washcloths and teething gel sometimes when she really needs it.


Amber came up to visit on Friday. It was nice to get to spend some time chatting and of course she loved playing with Ellie. Ellie liked pulling on Amber’s hair since I cut mine off she hasn’t gotten the chance to really play with some long hair. Poor Amber will have to wear her hair up next time she comes to visit! What a great time we had though!


We just noticed this weekend how Ellie gets REALLY excited about a toy that she wants. We hold the toy in front of her and she reaches for it with so much enthusiasm! While she sits with us at the dinner table, she really wants to suck on the cups we’re drinking out of. If we give her an empty cup she just has a ball! Dinner time is just so much fun – with her sitting at the table with us being so adorable!


Ellie also gets really excited when it’s bottle time on days that her grandmas watch her. She will pull the bottle to her mouth and push it away when she’s done. She was eating when we came home from work one evening this week and it was really cute to watch her sucking on the bottle!


Zach’s cousin brought us his daughter’s old activity jumper – it’s VERY girly. We tried it out this weekend… Ellie loved it. On the lowest setting, her toes barely touch the floor – so she has a lot more room to grow with this equipment.


She loved all the flowers and I think it’s going to get her back even stronger to be able to sit up on her own!


What a precious daughter…


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