What a Difference a Day Can Make!


My post last night was pretty sad – I was sad. I was frustrated and tired. Today, is another day and another story!

Ellie had a hard time going to bed last night. She woke up every 30-45 minutes after I put her to bed. Every time she woke up, I fed her more — hoping maybe to fill her up and get her through the night without as many feedings. At about 9, we decided to let her cry a little to see if she would go back to sleep without help. She only cried for about 10 minutes and it wasn’t the typical screaming cries… but despite short duration and less intense crying, she still made herself throw up. It wasn’t a lot and she instantly feel asleep after that. Despite the mess on her sheets, we decided to let her be and we would just clean her up when I went in to feed her before we went to bed.

At 11, we cleaned her up, allowed her to have a really good feeing and put her back down on clean sheets. (A tip we learned from some friends at church: double wrap the crib mattress… mattress pad, sheet, mattress pad, sheet. That way, in the middle of the night you’re not having to change the sheets, you just have to pull off one sheet/mattress pad. Crib mattresses are SO hard to mess with and in the middle of the night you don’t want to have to mess with it!)

She woke at 2am, and I only fed her a little bit. Usually I would let her eat and eat as she fell asleep because I thought she needed that extra nutrition. Looking back, it was probably my encouragement of that which lead her to eat more at night than during the day!

She fell asleep just fine with a less than full belly, but then she woke at 4am… and ate a little again. This time she was not as happy to fall asleep still hungry – so she ate some more at 4:45. She woke an hour later and during this feeding I let her eat and eat – because it was technically morning time and the start of the time of the day where she should be getting the most out of her meals. She had a hard time going back to sleep (and believe me, she needed more sleep, as did I) so I put her in the swing and turned it on. I left it swinging and went back to bed. I woke up at 9….refreshed! I turned the swing off and she woke at 9:30. She ate at 10am and 1pm already today without screaming!!! That’s the news… my daughter has already eaten a few times today – on schedule and without screaming at me! What a difference a day can make… and I am SO thankful!

Of course this is just one day and probably not the start to a completely different change in Ellie, but I’m hopeful that this new way of feeding her a smaller amount at night will keep her eating better during the day. I’m interested to see how well she eats from a bottle with Gigi tomorrow.

We’ll go with this new strategy for a few days to ensure she eats better during the day and doesn’t fight so much with me. Then, probably this weekend, we will see if we can’t figure out a way to get her to sleep in longer stretches at night – so I’m not up feeding her a little every few hours. As much as I don’t want her screaming at me during the day, I also don’t want to be up every 2 hours at night!

No matter how much Ellie can frustrate me, she is the most adorable little girl and just melts my heart…. how can a momma not love this face?!