We’ve Been Busy Around Here!


Happy St. Patrick’s day. I never really care about St. Patrick’s Day but I feel weird if I don’t wear green… so we all wore green today! I guess as the kids get older, we’ll pay more attention to random holidays! 🙂


We’ve been busy around here lately and I’m behind on the blog! We spent the last few weeks upgrading our kitchen!! We got new countertops a week and a half ago and then tiled our backsplash! When we designed our house, we wanted solid surface countertops and the single-bowl sink that we had in our old house. Richmond would NOT install the sink we wanted, thus we decided to go with the standard kitchen countertops and sink – knowing we’d get it replaced with what we wanted eventually. We spent the last year shopping around waiting for the right deal on the right countertops and at the end of January we found it! Yeah!! Now we have our awesome countertops and the sink we wanted… I missed that sink! The backsplash looks awesome! Of course, I don’t have a picture of the kitchen to post… maybe next week!

Ethan is sleeping better these days! He still takes a few short naps in the mornings but then takes a really long afternoon nap! It lines up perfectly with Ellie’s nap so sometimes I get a whole two hours in the afternoon to get stuff done around the house or get some work done. He has been pretty good at sleeping from about 8 or 9 at night until 4 or 5 in the morning.  He goes to bed at 7pm but I end up having to feed him 2 or 3 times before he finally settles into his long sleep. After his early morning feeding, he’ll sleep until about 7am. I’d say he’s doing pretty good!

Ethan went to the church nursery for the first time today! I felt really good about dropping him off and he did awesome! I actually caught myself crying in church a few times because I could finally be in church and enjoy it. For the past few years it’s always been a struggle with Ellie and she’s finally ok with going to the nursery and not freaking out. Then after Ethan was born and we took him to church with us, he would be loud and I’d have to leave to feed him, etc. I could never relax. Today, I could just be there and worship, knowing both my kids were just fine. It was awesome!

Ethan has really started interacting with us! He laughs now and I just love it! Here’s a video of two separate occasions that we’ve gotten him to laugh this week!

Here are some funny things about Ellie this week:

  • She’s started pointing at words and saying “read this”. She wants to know what everything says!

  • She was holding a magazine in the car today and she was holding it up saying “Can’t read!! Can’t read!!” It drives her crazy that she can’t read the words by herself!

  • “Hey! That’s my….” fill in the blank. No clue where this came from!

  • We were counting stop signs in the car the other day. She saw two and counted “one, two”. Then when I asked her if she saw anymore she said “Stop sign! Where are you??” Now when we’re driving, she’ll randomly call out “Stop sign! Where are you!?”

  • She says “Can’t do it!” any time she attempts to do something and she’s struggling.

  • “What’s that??” she asks this about everything. All. Day. Long. It can get really annoying, but I just LOVE how much she wants to learn. Everything! 🙂

Here’s an old video of Ellie head banging… it came out of nowhere one night while Zach was playing some dub-step.

Here’s a video from two months ago – Ellie saying the ABCs! 

Lastly, here’s Ellie singing Hakunna Matata from Lion King. I have no idea why she’s spinning and spinning, but that’s what she did while singing it. I put words on the clip so you could understand what she’s saying! 

Check out the rest of the photos in the March 2013 Photo Album.