We’ve Added Movies via YouTube


We finally decided to upload videos to YouTube; allowing us to use a YouTube widget in iWeb to post the videos here. From now on we’ll just post videos within a blog post and then archive them on the Movies link above.

To catch you up on some of our favorite videos that we’ve taken and not yet posted, here they are:

At 10-weeks, if we made kissing noises and leaned in to kiss Ellie, she’d open her mouth for a big kiss!

When Ellie was 5 months old, she would make these funny movements with her lips and tongue. We thought maybe she was trying to tell us she was hungry and wanted what we were eating — though she still was not interested in solids yet.

Ellie decided to start rolling over on the floor one day at 5 months (she’d only done it a few times before that). I got her to do it 3 times before I pulled the camera out. The more she did it, the more she got upset – which is why she’s crying in this video!

We were at Home Depot one weekend when Ellie was 6 months old and she was getting a little fussy. After pushing her around in the cart for a while, I decided to try to make faces at her… moving in and making kissing noises got her giggling a lot!

When Ellie sits with us (in the Bumbo or high-chair at 6-months) during dinner, she really wants one of our cups. We’ve started just giving her one to play with. This night, Zach was holding her after he ate and she just went crazy over the cup!

From here on out, we’ll post videos with our blog entries. To see more, go to our Movies page.