We’re Homeowners Again!!


Wow, it feels good to be homeowners again!! We closed on our house on Thursday and we haven’t stopped working since then! We had blinds installed, we installed baby gates, we painted epoxy on the garage floor (complete with the color flakes and everything), we installed ceiling fans, we installed rice paper on a few windows, we installed our TV antenna and other cable/internet switching hardware… plus many, many more things! It’s been nice being able to work on these things at the house without having to actually move into the house yet.

Here are some pictures I took of the house the day we closed… eventually we’ll post pictures with all of our stuff in place — but that may be a while before we’re settled enough to take pictures!

Our kitchen…


The great room – looking towards the kitchen


Master bathroom


You can see all of these pictures (plus more) in the Building our House photo album.

Ellie loves her new house!! I had bought her a Winnie the Pooh chair and kept it hidden until the house was finished… she loves it and looks so cute sitting in it!


I had also bought a little slide a few months back and wanted to wait until we had more room to get it out – she loves it and is so good at climbing up the back and sliding down all by herself!


She had breakfast at the house Friday, Saturday and Sunday. She got to run around, play and have fun while the blind installer worked on Friday morning. Then on Saturday, Zach’s folks came over and Zach’s mom hung out with Ellie while we worked – and Zach’s dad worked on modifying the gates on our fence. On Sunday, my folks came over and my mom watched Ellie while we worked some more and dad cut the legs off of some bar stools we got so they would fit at our bar. We sure worked hard and Ellie had a blast! She loves playing in the dirt and playing on the back patio in the afternoon when it’s nice and shaded. She won’t go anywhere these days without having one or two of her “babies” in her arms!


We were at the house pretty late a few nights this weekend and Ellie was such a good girl – we put the laptop on the Ikea foot rest and she sat in her chair watching videos – while we worked! She’s been really flexible and it’s been great. She has been a little more clingy at bed time though – like she doesn’t want me to put her down because she thinks I’m going to leave! It’s so sad! Hopefully once we move things will settle down and she’ll be able to go to sleep a little easier.


When we sing the alphabet with Ellie, she tries to say Q, T and W… the little sounds she makes sound just like those letters at the right time. She can also say “two” when we count one, two, three. Her “Noooo” is so cute still. She’ll say “Hot” to something and we ask “is it hot?” and she’ll say “Nooooo!” We do this almost 50 times a day!


This girl is so much fun! It’s a new month… our girl is growing up! Check out this week’s photos in the new April 2012 album.