We’re Almost Done!

Caulking the Window
Caulking the Window

Ok, so we owe you details about last night and tonight! Last night we picked up some materials from Home Depot and then came home to caulk the window, caulk around the outside tile and put in the last remaining tiles around the window!! Here I am caulking the window – my first time caulking and it turned out pretty good!!

We put the second sink back in place and I caulked that into place as well! So it was a pretty easy night, but we kind of got a late start so we still didn’t get to bed until midnight! Look how awesome it’s starting to become!

So tonight was the night to grout!! Zach started on the far right wall to show me how to do it. Then I started the grout process and Zach followed me with the wet sponge. The first wall was pretty difficult, but after that I picked it up and got a little faster at it! Apparently it’s a lot easier to do horizontal floors verses vertical walls!!! After all the walls were grouted and sponged, we did the floor and the curb. Boy was that easy!

Here I am grouting… and Zach sponging…


So here it is… TA-DA!! Pretty much the finished product…


What next? We have to wait 24 hours before even setting foot in the shower to clean up the window caulk a little bit. We can also place all the shower diverters, shower heads, etc. after that 24 hours. Then hopefully our shower door will come in SOON so we can install that and caulk around it. We have to wait a total of 72 hours after grouting to get it wet… so which ever comes last – our shower door or 72 hours – that’s when we will be enjoying our new shower and of course cleaning up the house that is a mess because of this project!!

Tomorrow night it will have been 3 weeks since we started this project!! 3 WEEKS!! And we were out of town for one of those weeks and nothing got done that week! Wow! We can’t believe we got this done so fast! But boy are we glad… and tired!!

We’ll post again when we get our door installed and it’s finally ready for SHOWER TIME!!