Welcome to November


The weather here hasn’t been too cold lately, so it seems strange that we’re already in November!


Here are some fun little tidbits from our week:

When Ellie sees a city bus, she thinks it’s a train. After explaining that it is a bus, we sing “The Wheels on the Bus” and she does all of the motions! I love watching her in the back seat!

She was playing in her kitchen one evening while Zach and I sat on the floor near her. She had a cup in the top of the kitchen and she was having a hard time reaching it. She said “Blue cup. Help. Too high.” It was pretty amazing to us!


She can say almost all of her alphabet! She skips D, L, M, N and sometimes X but the rest of them she says in order! I love hearing her little voice say the letters! 🙂

Lately when something “bad” happens – she drops something or something even more minor than that – she’ll say “oh dear!” I’m not sure where she got it from, but it’s so stinking cute!

Love this little girl!!


As promised, here is a video from her birthday party….

Here’s another fun video from this week… Ellie likes to say “Set, Go!” and then run around the house! So we pulled out the video camera and it was distracting to her, but it was still so cute. She also gets distracted with the grapes on the table, but it’s just so funny!!

You can see both of these videos on the Movies 2012 page.

Check out the photos from this week in the November 2012 Photo Album. Since we have another baby on the way, I decided I’ll just group photos based on the month instead of based on the kid’s name and age month.

Baby boy is sitting at 36-weeks this weekend! I’ve started my weekly doctor’s appointments but nothing big has happened to note. I’ve started thinking about packing a hospital bag, but haven’t done it yet. The rest of the items on my “to-do” list are done, so I can pretty much just relax this last month. Can’t wait to see how he will make his entrance into this world! 🙂