Welcome Ethan Taylor Scholz


Ethan’s birth story was, to summarize, FAST and FURIOUS!  Lori started having random contractions starting on Sunday afternoon.  They were not painful and were never closer than 15 minutes apart. She had another set of random contractions Monday and Tuesday mornings but they never lasted long. Then today, Lori and I woke up around normal time to go to work…in fact, I was in the middle of hitting Snooze around 6:45 when Lori said that she had already had 3 contractions – strong ones, lasting a full minute and were about 5 minutes apart.  We called Gigi (my mom) to come over to keep track of Ellie for the day and we QUICKLY got ready to go.  To recap Ellie’s birth story, from Lori’s water breaking (and the first contraction) to birth was a whopping 3.5 hours – so we knew we had to be quick!!

Since it’s a work day, and we were driving into Denver Tech Center Traffic, we knew we needed to get on the road quickly!  As usual, traffic backed up shortly after we got on the highway, and my mind turned to potential delivery of Ethan on the side of the road…but the Good Lord took good care of us and we got onto surface streets and pulled into the hospital parking lot around 7:25. We got Lori admitted and were taken up to Labor and Delivery.

Whether it was the full moon, or pure coincidence, the Labor and Delivery floor at our hospital was TOTALLY full – so they put us in a Triage room (telling us that they’d move us into a proper room when one opened up)…I laughed and said to Lori, “Ok – I guess we’ll be having a baby in Triage” … at this point, I don’t think it was clear to the nursing staff that this baby was coming SOON.  Before we were taken up to Labor & Delivery, Lori had already been on her hands and knees in the lobby of the hospital because she was just about ready to push…

Once we got settled in the Triage room, Lori was basically ready to push…and when you start making lots of noise in the Triage room, you get lots of attention.  We had (in a VERY small room…that was shared with 3 other beds) the floor Nurse Practitioner, the floor OB/GYN (to catch in case our OB didn’t make it in time) and no less than 3 nurses.

Lori has been in the Triage bed for all of 10 minutes and she’s ready to push.  The nurses are trying to get an IV line in (just for saline) and get a reading on fetal heart rate, but Lori is in a really awkward position so they break her water (yup…hasn’t broken yet) and they flipped her on her back and out popped Ethan…before our OB even made it to the hospital!  Chock another baby up to the Bradley Method – all natural birth…Lori is my hero!

Ethan Taylor Scholz made an entry into the world at 8:03am – weighing 8lbs, 0oz and 21” long.  He was having a bit of a hard time catching his breath (who wouldn’t with that quick of a push into the world?) and was quite purple. They took him to the nursery and put him on oxygen for about an hour, after that he pinked right up!! After that he nursed for a bit, had a bath and met his big sister and grandparents! He was sleepy for about 6 hours and has now nursed two more times this evening – along with some good poops! He’s doing great!!!


Lori’s labor started right around 6:30am…so if we have any more kids, we are going to have to find a midwife that lives across the street so we’re sure to get there in time!  We’re so blessed to have 2 happy and healthy children and we couldn’t be happier!


Check out Ethan’s pictures in the Ethan Taylor’s Birth photo album.