We Have a Climber!


Ellie has become quite the climber! She loves to climb on the footrest of our Ikea chair and her Mega Blocks table! She also likes to grab and hang onto the columns of her ball pit.

I have to pull the footrest away from the chair so that when she gets on top, she can’t climb onto the other furniture!


Here she is climbing the Mega Blocks table… I had to move all the things that were on the side table to keep her from trying to climb her Mega Blocks table to get to them.


She just started putting rings on her wrists like bracelets! It’s adorable!


Meal time has become so much better! We’ve actually resumed eating in public again! She’ll point to things she wants and only makes a few little noises to get our attention! She just loves spaghetti meat sauce and she loves chocolate milk! We let her take bites of our food (instead of just giving her little pieces) and it’s so funny to watch her try to bite off pieces!

I have random toys for her in our bedroom and in the kitchen. One cabinet in the kitchen has a bowl, some spoons and other random stuff – she’ll pull out her bowl and spoon and start to stir! Today she started banging her spoons on one of her Mega Blocks – I was trying to get her to stir in the bowl to get a picture – but she wouldn’t do it, this was still pretty cute though:


This kid is really good at entertaining herself! She babbles and giggles to herself while she’s playing. When she should be taking a nap, she can just play in her crib for an hour before she gets bored and lets me know it! Oh yeah, I’ve gotten her to actually take a nap in her crib a few times in the past week – but she also seems to be fighting two naps. We might be moving to one nap soon – and hopefully that one nap is in the crib and not the swing!!

She’s a beauty in her crib:


Here are some fun things she’s saying & doing this week:

  • She says “go go go go” for her “Go Dogs Go” book.

  • If she sees a Lizard or Chameleon in a book, she sticks her tongue out multiple times.

  • She knows the difference between a clock and a watch.

  • Says “ding dong” for a hand bell in her book.

  • She gets SO EXCITED when she sees a STOP sign.

  • In her color book, when she gets to the gold page she screams “goal”

  • When she sees a monkey she says “ah ah ah ah ah”.

  • Elephant is “Eh”!

  • There are cymbals in multiple books she has – we taught her that you clap cymbals together to make the noise – so she claps when she sees them.

  • When she sees an apple in the grocery store or in a book, she says “ah!”

  • If we tell her to shake something, she’ll shake it.

  • If we tell her to wipe something up, she’ll move her hand around to wipe it up. She’ll even try to wipe her face with a wash cloth if we ask her to.

  • She can throw a ball on command and go pick up a book on command.

  • If you ask her what something smells like, she’ll sniff it.

  • “Come here” is still quite the struggle though!

I’ve started going to a Bible study on Friday mornings with a few ladies from our old church. I take Ellie with me and some girls watch all the kiddos while we do our study. It’ll be a good thing for Ellie to be around more kids and I’m really enjoying being around some other moms! This also means that’s another day of the week that Ellie only gets one nap (along with Sundays) and she really seems to do okay. Maybe another reason to just move to one nap.


What a sweet girl!

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The guys working on the house made GREAT progress this week!


We still have a few windows to get installed, but all the doors (including the garage door which is open in this picture) are all installed! The rock that will go all the way around the outside of the house was delivered. We saw the electrical guys on Saturday and they had a few questions for where some of our extra requested electrical options went. That was pretty cool to work with them.


We’re getting pretty close to being 60-days out from closing! So Exciting!!

The above pictures are in the Building Our House photo album.