We Finally have New Carpet!!!

A view of our newly carpeted living room from the balcony!
A view of our newly carpeted living room from the balcony!

So, here it is! The blog I’ve been so excited to write about for the past month… our new carpet! I know, not that exciting… but when you want a nice, new, clean floor to walk on everyday – there are expectations!

The carpet was installed yesterday. It took 3 guys about 9 hours to get it all installed. Once they left, we moved our family room, dining room and master bedroom furniture back into place. We snapped a few pictures, but it was late and we were tired – so we went to bed! Today after work we came home and moved everything else out of their random places (for the carpet install) and back into place.

We took lots of pictures so you could get a good view of our “new” house! To check out all of our pictures in our Home Improvements Photo Album. The picture above is my favorite – because Zach used his wide-angle lens to get this view and it’s a fun picture! Enjoy the pictures! Stop by sometime to check it out in person! We love our new wall colors with the chocolate colored carpet! We love it!!! Mission complete!