Waterproofing the Seams

Thinset Morter on the Walls
Thinset Morter on the Walls

Today we were able to put up all the hardibacker on the walls, tape the seams and then waterproof it with thin set mortar. It didn’t take too long to get it all done. Here’s the finished product for the day:


Zach has to be in Salt Lake on Monday and Tuesday, and I have to be in California from Tuesday until Friday… so the bathroom tiling will be put on hold until we get back in town at the same time!

Also, notice I’ve changed the blogging page quite a bit – I’m trying to make it a little more readable, and printable, etc. While I’m away in California, I’ll be giving our whole web page a face lift.

Until next week when our page is updated and all uploaded again, have a great week!!!