Viva Las Vegas!

Zach and Lori at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign!
Zach and Lori at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign!

We started off our week-long vacation by flying to Las Vegas. Zach’s college buddy, Dave, lives in Las Vegas and works at UNLV. He met us at the airport and was our chauffeur, tour guide and fun companion during our few days in Vegas.

When we got there on Friday afternoon, it was kind of cold – not like the snowy cold Colorado we had just left, but cold for Las Vegas! We spent the afternoon and evening walking up and down half of the strip. It was pretty amazing to see all the new buildings that have gone up since we were each last in Vegas and all the construction that in currently on-hold because of the economy. We called it an early night so we could get in a long day on Saturday!

Saturday morning we got up and headed to some great outlets on the north side of Vegas. Dave wanted to do some shopping and the outlets are a much better place to do that than at the shops in all the Hotels – though it’s strange that all the same stores show up in the “fashion” malls in three or four different hotels! Then we walked the other half of the strip that we didn’t get to see on Friday. Dave & I rode the roller coaster at New York, New York… it was a blast! Zach had ridden it before and did not want to ride it again. We watched the fountains at the Bellagio, saw the lions at MGM Grand and took some other fun pictures on the stip.

Saturday evening we headed down to Fremont Street to see how much it had changed over the years. LeAnne Rimes was doing a show down there and we saw Kelly Pickler opening for her! It was fun hanging out for a little bit with all the other people. Then we headed to the Boulder Station Casino to see an 80’s cover band called Yellow Brick Road. Dave happened upon this band a few years back and it’s a must for any Vegas trip! They do a two to three hour show and play songs from a whole bunch of 80‘s rock bands. It was a blast!

Sunday morning we picked up our car from the rental place and made the drive to LA. There was a lot of traffic from Las Vegas to LA, since it was Sunday and everyone was heading back home.

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