Visit with Grandma & Grandpa Inman

Zach  & Lori with Grandma & Grandpa Inman in Topeka, KS
Zach & Lori with Grandma & Grandpa Inman in Topeka, KS

Since we were in Wichita this weekend with Zach’s family, we decided we should stop by Lori’s Grandparents (Brenda’s parents) in Topeka – it was only 2 hours from Wichita.

We left Wichita on Saturday afternoon and met Grandma & Grandpa Inman at their new place. We had dinner at Carlos O’Kelly’s – one of their favorite Mexican restaurants. They said they hadn’t eaten out but twice since moving to their new place, so we told them it was good that we stopped by! 🙂

After dinner, they drove us around and showed a little bit of Topeka to us (Zach had never been to Topeka, and it was a fun refresher for me). We drove around downtown and into some new neighborhoods. We also drove over by a local winery and grandpa explained how the vines were really young and it was a fairly new winery with a really old castle.

Then we drove back to their place and grandpa showed us around their Assisted Living Center. The center has three different types of housing available – apartments with full kitchens, apartments with half kitchens (where Grandma & Grandpa live) and a nursing home area for folks who need a lot of attention. Grandma & Grandpa eat in the cafeteria for lunch and dinner, have lots of exercise programs and other things to keep them busy. Grandma is getting care for her diabetes which is really good. Grandma drives a cool scooter to get around most of the time and I can tell grandpa likes to drive it a lot too – when he parks it. It was good to see them and can tell they’re doing really well.

After sitting with Grandma & Grandpa in their apartment chatting for a while, we called it a night so we could get to sleep to drive home on Sunday. It’s not too bad of a drive and the weather was nice the whole way home!