Valentine’s Day Traditions

Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Zach and I realized today that we have a fun, yet interesting Valentine’s Day Tradition – this is not seem like the typical lovey-dovey event – but it’s perfect for us! We live to show each other our love everyday – so everything we do is to share that love – even random and fun traditions.

Our first Valentine’s Day (2007) was spent driving to Lubbock, TX to do recruiting for work at Texas Tech (at the time we were both taking on-line classes at Tech and got the opportunity to recruit at Tech). For dinner that evening, we ate at Rudy’s BBQ… it’s a gas station – that serves AMAZING BBQ – and it was a great dinner!

Last year, we ended up both over-lapping work trips in Greenville, TX and decided we should start the BBQ tradition by driving out to Frisco, TX to hit up Rudy’s again!!

So if you do something once and repeat it again for the same event – I call that a tradition… but this year we did not have the opportunity to be in Texas and eat yummy Rudy’s BBQ (which is nice that we got to be home together, but sad that we didn’t get Rudy’s). So we had to do something else fun and interesting. I made heart-shaped blueberry muffins for Zach – because they’re his favorite. For dinner, Zach decided we should make our own pizza. So we put all our favorite fixins on our home-made dough and had a great dinner – the best pizza I’ve ever had!! Then for dessert, Zach made Molten-Chocolate Cake… with cool-whip and raspberries… YUM!!

Heart-Shaped Muffins:


Delicious Home-Made Pizza:


Topped off with Chocolate-Molten Cake with cool-whip & raspberries (served on the plates our friends & family made for our wedding):


Whew! That was some good food – we love good food!

Even though we started off with a Rudy’s BBQ-oriented Valentine’s tradition (for the first two years we were together) – we decided this year that we will always enjoy our Valentine’s Day, together as a couple, enjoying things that the typical couple would not think is a romantic event – but we love it – because it’s for us! Of course – if possible – we’ll always try to make a Rudy’s BBQ Valentine’s event, if not, we’ll do something else interesting and fun!

Happy Valentine’s Day – no matter how you celebrate!