A Big Week!


It has been quite the week around here! Each day that goes by, Ellie gets better and better at walking and bumps into less and less stuff! With Ellie walking, she’s definitely trying to get into more trouble! We had to install a toilet lock this week because we couldn’t keep her out of the toilet while we’re in the bathroom getting ready.


She is also officially sleeping through the night!! Hooray! Last weekend when we let her “cry it out”, the first two nights she cried for an hour to an hour and a half, the third night I think she cried for maybe 30 minutes… and since then, she’ll make a peep here and there, but she’s definitely sleeping all night long! I haven’t caught up on all the missed sleep yet, but give me another two weeks of this and I’ll be a new woman!!


I’m still nursing her quite often. I really thought we’d move on from nursing when she hit the one-year-old mark – I was bound & determined to wean her… but now that we’re past a year and she’s still nursing, I’ve given up on rushing her. She’ll be done when she’s ready. She’s not too crazy about cow’s milk or a sippy cup of milk yet – but she’ll get there.

Along those same lines, Ellie is FINALLY eating more at meal times!! I never thought this day would come! She’ll eat just about anything we give her as long as we use a “big person” fork or spoon. If we use the baby utensils, she refuses! She likes to eat yogurt or applesauce if I’m eating it… she wants me to share it! She’ll even eat baby food! Before now, she would take a few bites here and there, but never wanted it… and now she wants it! It’s so neat to see her excited about food!


Ellie has shown just how smart she is this week – she can sign “want” and points to things she wants, especially food. She can sign “all done” and can also wave “bye-bye”, except she does it backwards. When we ask her where her teeth are, she points to them. When we ask her where her shoes are, she kicks her feet out.

We had to do a super clean of her cloth diapers this week. They were getting really stinky and I was really disappointed! I was actually using too much detergent and the hard water wasn’t helping either! So I did quite a few washes with some water softener to strip all the extra “gunk” off the diapers and then used some “bac-out” to freshen them up. Hopefully this new process will work out for us!

We had Ellie’s 1-year pictures taken on Sunday at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. We also got some nice family shots for our Christmas card! Ellie was so cute and did so good, despite the cold weather and her not getting a nap on the way there in the car. Our photographer, Beverly Bender, takes amazing photographs and I can’t wait to see our pictures!

Ellie was feeling a little yucky yesterday, complete with green boogies – but she woke up today and was just fine! Sure am glad she was feeling up to taking pictures! She’s so cute when she doesn’t feel good!


Check out this week’s favorite pictures in the November 2011 album.

Oh, we also have a foundation now! They poured it earlier this week! They’ll start the framing in a week or so! Yay for progress!!!