Two, Two, Two


Don’t be fooled… the title of this post has nothing to do with Ellie’s age. She is not yet two, she is actually 21 months this weekend! Only three months away from the big 2!

One of Ellie’s favorite words right now is “two”… she needs to have two of everything. If she’s picking up rocks, she needs two. If she’s eating fruit snacks, she can’t have just one at a time, she needs two at a time. She will hold up her pointer fingers on each hand to show “two” when she needs two of something. It’s so cute and honestly I can’t figure out how she decided that one finger plus one finger equals two!


I mentioned a post or two ago that Ellie would yell “home!” when we got home. Well, this weekend she started yelling “home!” any time the car stopped while we were out running errands. I’m not sure where that came from but when we got to our street today, I asked where we were and she yelled “home!” so she knows, but she just likes being silly!

This week Ellie has started saying “shhh, shhhh, quie” – she even puts her finger up to her mouth when she shhhh-es. I’m not really sure where she got it, but it’s so cute! When she pretends to hide somewhere, and we ask “where’s Ellie?” she’ll peek out and do the “shhh-ing”.

While playing today, she scratched my chin and she immediately realized she possibly hurt me. She gently touched my chin and patted it while looking at it and in my eyes to make sure I was okay. It was just the sweetest thing!

If she sees tears in her eyes (in the mirror) or someone else’s eyes, she’ll point to her eye and say “tear” and then “sad”…. it’s really neat that she equates tears with being sad.

When Ellie wants to read a book, she’ll pick up her book and then bring it to one of us saying “rea, rea, rea” over and over again! I love it!


We let Ellie watch some of the olympics tonight – the women’s synchronized diving. Ellie loved it! When the Americans counted, she counted “1, 2, 3” after them. Then when everyone clapped, she clapped too!

Ellie’s favorite activities this summer include swimming in her baby pool, playing at the water table, swinging, kicking balls in the grass, going for walks, coloring, reading and watching videos.


She still hates the nursery at church but she loves people! She loves waving at people and when we leave somewhere, she waves “bye-bye” to everyone we pass! She’s very intrigued by kids and adults alike, she just doesn’t like to play with them!

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Baby boy is just growing and growing! This week I feel like my belly needs to grow just a little bit more to give him some room to move around, everything feels really tight and sometimes uncomfortable. I’m not to the really uncomfortable state yet, so I know in a few days my belly will have another growth-spurt and he’ll have more room to move around!