Topeka Trip, May 2013


Over Memorial Day weekend, we jumped in our new van with my folks and took a road trip to Topeka, KS. We were there two years ago when Ellie was only 6-months old. Now that Ethan is part of the family, we decided we needed to take another trip to visit their Great-Grandparents!


The kids did GREAT in the car! I brought lots of activities for Ellie and she stayed pretty happy! They both slept better in the hotel than we expected! ha! That was a relief! We visited with Grandma and Grandpa on Saturday. They really enjoyed seeing the kids! Ellie was pretty sweet, most of the time and Ethan was a doll as always 🙂

After naps we had dinner with Grandpa & Grandma and then took the kids swimming at the hotel! Ellie LOVES swimming, so she went crazy when we told her that’s what we were going to do! Ethan enjoyed the pool until Ellie started jumping off the side into Zach’s arms. I think the splashing noise scared him. So I pulled Ethan out and got him ready for bed. Ellie and Zach played for another 30 minutes! She was exhausted!


Sunday morning, we got up and drove to Kansas City! We visited Cabela’s – so Ellie could see all the animals! Here she is talking to the one Mule Deer that they had on the floor so people could touch it. She was saying “hi deer!”


We had BBQ at Gate’s BBQ and then went to the mall to visit the Crayola Store. That store was SO COOL! There were so many crafty activities for kids to do and Ellie got right in there amidst all the kids and tried some things out. We bought a few things for Ellie while we were there, some I’ll probably save for later.

At this mall there was also a Curious George exhibit – so we played in there for a little while. This mall had a Sea Life exhibit and a Lego Land type thing… some other time we’ll have to go back when the kids are older!

Monday morning we visited with Grandma and Grandpa again before heading out of town. The ride home was a little more difficult as I didn’t feel well and all of the sudden Ethan would start screaming – apparently he didn’t feel well either! I’m not sure what we caught, but I had a fever, body aches, hot/cold sweats and a sore throat! Ethan had a fever and woke up sweating a lot, so I guess he had the hot/cold sweats too! I stayed home from work this week and our mom’s watched the kids as if I went to work so that I could get good rest! I’m so thankful for our moms!! By Wednesday Ethan was feeling better but I wasn’t, so I went to the doctor. I got some antibiotics, but I didn’t have strep or anything! Today, I am feeling better, but not 100% yet! Saturday, Ellie got a fever, so we’re trying to get her back to normal this weekend.

We had SUCH a good visit in Topeka! I’m so glad we were able to make the trip! Ellie is still talking about Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa!!

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