Too Everything!


Ellie’s funny sayings this week start with “too”… Too high, too bright, too dark, too tight, too hot, too cold, too heavy. She is very accurate when saying these things too – she doesn’t use the words out of place! 🙂

She also says “one time” if she wants one of something – one chip, one stuffed animal, etc. If she decides she needs two of something, she’ll say “two time”. We’re working on explaining the noun instead of using “time”.

This morning Ellie said “high five” and stuck her hand up… we both gave her a high five and she was so excited!! People ask her to give them a high five sometimes, but it’s not something we do very often – so it was quite a surprise! 🙂 She has also started saying “excuse me” when she toots or when she’s trying to get around us. It’s pretty cute!

Zach’s mom found a Little Tykes playhouse at Goodwill last weekend. We brought it home, cleaned it up and put it in the basement. We figured Ellie could play in the house in the basement until next summer and then we’ll move it outside. We have lots of fun down there…


Ellie is quite the climber – she likes to climb in and out of the windows to her playhouse. She likes to climb up over the couch and on the chairs. She’s also a dare-devil on her slide! We let her climb in and out of the windows of the playhouse since it has carpet under it – although we’ll have to make sure she understands she can’t do that on the concrete once we move it outside! Climbing on the couches and chairs is something we try to keep her from doing, but inevitably she still does and this week she toppled over and hit a toy with her eye… first real “black” eye… but it wasn’t too bad! This picture was the day after her fall – hugging her Nemo. It was only swollen the first day, her eye turned a little purple and the next day it was green. Now it’s almost gone!


Ellie has started trying to skip naps lately – this is not good!! On Friday, I fought and fought with her to nap and finally I just left her in her room for a little bit to see what she would do. She played for almost an hour, reading books, etc. and then fell asleep at the door for 45 minutes!! On Saturday, she didn’t want to nap but I left the room anyway. Zach went back in to try to get her to lay down, but as soon as he left she got out of bed. She played for an hour and then laid down in her bed and napped for an hour. Maybe she just needs to have some extra “wind down” time before actually falling asleep. Today, she just played for an hour and never took a nap. We’ll see how things adapt over the next few weeks…. then of course it’s bound to change when baby boy comes home from the hospital!! Just when we think we have something figured out, it changes! That’s the story with kiddos!!

Ellie is loving drawing on her new Aquadoodle pad. She will stand on her learning tower at the bar and draw while I cook or do other things in the kitchen! She is obsessed with Finding Nemo – so she’s always trying to draw Nemo, Marlin, Dory and a shark. She also loves asking us to draw them for her. Lately she asks us to draw Frosty the Snowman too. She asks for us to draw BIG or LITTLE characters… sometimes calling them “baby” and “mama”, referring to many things as “mama sized” and “baby sized”. Just this weekend we finally got her to say the “sized” part which helps us understand what she’s asking. If she says “mama snowman”, I used to think she just wanted mama to draw a snowman, but really she wanted me to draw a big snowman. If she can say “sized”, it sure will help 🙂

Here she is drawing… and most of the time it is with her left hand!!


It snowed last night, so we bundled up and headed out to the backyard to play in the snow today. Ellie enjoyed the snow a little bit, then noticed some ice on the edge of the patio and was obsessed with having daddy pick up big pieces of ice so she could throw them. Once her hands were cold enough, we came inside and had hot chocolate.


Here’s a video that Zach took today – she loves Frosty The Snowman and Zach was singing it to her and pausing to see if she’d sing a word or two… it was adorable! 🙂

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No big news with baby boy…. we’re at 37 weeks! Just waiting to see when he decides to show up. I can’t wait to see how labor starts, how quick or slow the delivery goes and what he looks like!!

We’ve been talking a lot with Ellie about the new baby boy coming home soon. It seems like she understands it more than I expected her to. I still think she’ll have a really hard time with my attention not totally hers anymore – but we’ll just have to work on that!