To the Backyard We Go!

Raking all the dirt for our new grass!
Raking all the dirt for our new grass!

Friday afternoon we cleaned up the windows in the back of the house from outside, since all the windows got cleaned on the inside while we were painting. While in the backyard, we decided we should tackle another project we were wanting to accomplish this year… removing the back patio paver stones to add more grass to our backyard!

SO – while Zach’s mom and Lori carried almost 100 – 18×18 inch paver stones to the side of the house (to save for Zach’s parents when they move out here), Zach and his dad split the flower bed by the fence in half and made a beautifully level wall. When the afternoon was over, we had a big pile of dirt that needs some grass! We had to make plans for what to do Saturday before Zach’s parents left.

Saturday morning we got up and had a pancake breakfast at Applebee’s for a youth group fundraiser from our church. Then we went to Home Depot to rent a Tiller and hammer drill. The guys got the soil tilled and started making a form to make a step between our big paved patio and our new grass area. Granted, there’s no grass there yet – there will be soon! Then we took the rentals back to HD and got a cement mixer! We had the cement mixed and poured in about an hour. We’ll take the forms off the cement tomorrow after church and the step will be complete.

Zach’s parents left this afternoon – probably super worn out from the week, but we got lots of good stuff done and they just kept wanting to do more!!

Here’s our to do list now – to hopefully be done in the next month or so:

  • Paint the master bedroom

  • Clean up the office and paint it (we might as well – that’s the last room that hasn’t been touched in a while)

  • Paint all the baseboards before the carpet gets installed

  • Wait for the carpet installers to call in about 2 weeks to tell us the carpet is ready to be installed

  • Dig trenches in the dirt backyard to put sprinklers in our soon-to-be new grass area

  • Lay sod in our backyard

  • Maybe clean out the garage and make it all organized by the time fall comes around!

We’ve got our work cut out for us! Lori’s parents are coming up next weekend to help us paint the last two bedrooms! The house is a work in progress, but we love making improvements and making it our own. Check out more pictures of the backyard work in our Home Improvements Photo Album.

Check back with us over the next few weeks to see the progress we’re making on the house!