Tips to Enjoy a Business Trip … Alone

I headed up the coast today to see the beach... beautiful!
Pismo Beach, CA: I headed up the coast today to see the beach… beautiful!

Since I had to come out to Santa Maria, California for a business trip without my hubby, I decided I should still take advantage of the time here and see the beach even though I had no one to share it with!

I got into Cali on Tuesday night and just made it to my hotel before dark and settled in. Wednesday I spent all day in meetings – learning how to maximize our testing phase at work using DOORS (the database tool I manage). After work on Wednesday, I drove out to the Guadalupe Beach with the top down on my Mustang Convertible!! It was actually a little chilly… so I drove back with the top up! Guadalupe Beach is basically sand dunes right on the coast… so I drove through some of the sand on the road and it was almost like driving through snow! It was awesome!

After another long day of meetings on Thursday, I headed up the Pacific Coast Highway to Pismo Beach. It was beautiful! I definitely didn’t take that picture above, I drug it off the internet, since I can’t upload pictures from my camera yet! I’ll post some of those later – when maybe when I get home – which is TOMORROW!! =)


I stopped at a couple of spots along the way to check out different beach areas. At the pier in the picture above, I stood and watched a whole bunch of people in wet-suits surf the big waves that were coming in. This picture here it the exact place I stopped and sat at for a while. I was so relaxing, I could have sat there for hours listening to the waves come in. Then I threw some rocks into the ocean and watched them wash away. It was refreshing! I finished up my drive around sunset and headed back to my hotel. All in all, it was a good trip to California, though I wish Zach could have been with me. We’ll just have to come back to California sometime together! =)

Also, Notice the facelift of the entire website – a complete color and organizational change! Hope it helps you read it a little better! We like the bright colors! We changed from low-resolution pictures to full-sized pictures on all the Wedding, Seattle, Mexico, Home Improvements & Engaged pictures. We’ll continue to post full-sized pictures from here on out.