This Little Piggy


I never thought the day would come when our sweet girl would decide she likes food. This kid doesn’t just eat food, she devours food… she is now one little piggy! She’ll eat just about anything we put in front of her and it’s so exciting to watch! I know many parents get to enjoy this stage when their kid is 7, 8 or 9 months old, but our little Ellie didn’t decide food mattered until just recently… so I’m enjoying being excited now 🙂

Here’s a video of her munching on Zach’s pizza the other night:

Now that she’s eating solids, other things are looking more solid too – as in Ellie’s #2. She got constipated this week and when the little solid #2s made their way out, our poor baby was in pain! She would just stand there and scream while looking at us like “why are you letting this happen to me? Why are you not helping me!” It was no fun just sitting there watching our baby in pain and all I could try to do was encourage her to keep going! Gosh, I really hope we don’t continue to have #2 issues!! The doctor told us to give her the Miralax stuff every day…so we’ll do that and pray that Ellie can get a little more regular!

She’s still stuck on the “c” and “do” words… adding “dog” to her “do” words. Meaning she says “dow” with a crazy sounding southern drawl for “down”, “door”, “dog” and “dong”. “c” for “cup”, “cookie” and “clock”. Many times Zach or I will say a word and it sounds like she’s trying to copy us. I said “thank you” today and I swear “da do” came out like she was trying to say “thank you”! I’m not sure how much of the interpretation of her words is just what I wish I was hearing or not. 🙂

We had three big snows this week (including one going on tonight), but when it wasn’t snowy outside, I took some pictures while we went exploring around the parking lot outside our apartment. This little girl is getting so fast at walking, I couldn’t hardly keep up with the camera!


On Friday I was folding laundry in our bedroom and Ellie was playing in our two bed-side cabinets. I’ve taken everything out of there that she shouldn’t get in to, so I just let her have free-reign over the contents. She typically opens the cabinets and pulls out her favorite item and then walks around holding it. I walked to her bedroom to put some of her laundry away and when I came back I saw this…


Sweet girl found the tissue box and learned what was inside… what a mess! It was adorable! Needless to say, I won’t leave a tissue box in the bed-side cabinets anymore!

Here’s another video we took a few weeks ago. We don’t let Ellie watch TV too often, but there are a few shows she watches enough that she gets excited when they come on. This is a video of her watching the into to Mickey Mouse Club House… she gets a little distracted at times, but she’s just so cute to watch!

Another month older, a new photo album… Check out this week’s favorite pictures in the new December 2011 album.

No big news on our house, the weather prevented any progress this week. Luckily they got the slab poured (basement, garage and drive way) before the snow hit… but other than that, we’re just waiting on a big pile of wood so they can start framing!