This Girl…


This girl is just the sweetest! She just brings so much joy into our lives! She shows more and more love each day – she’ll randomly throw her arms around our necks or pucker up to receive a kiss from us! She just melts our hearts! What amazes me really is that this girl who used to hate to snuggle and show love is finally warming up to snuggling with us and freely giving kisses! 🙂

One of her favorite things to do is color – it will always make her happy!


Here, she kept knocking the box of crayons over, but she would pick up the box to sit it up straight! It was so funny!


One of Ellie’s favorite foods is french fries… she can even say “fre fry”. She will only eat them if she can have ketchup though. She loves dipping.

Ellie LOVES Winnie the Pooh right now. Any time we turn on the TV to watch a show – she asks for “pooh” and “ti” (Tigger). I have the Winnie The Pooh movie and The Tigger movie memorized, but so does Ellie! She knows exactly what is coming next!

Everyday she amazes us with a new word or two out of her mouth. She still hasn’t put two words together, but she’s getting close. She is still throwing tantrums – sometimes up to once a day. We just walk away and ignore her…. she stops pretty quickly. Hopefully she’ll figure out real soon that a tantrum isn’t worth it. We’ll see!

Love this sweet girl… oh those eyes!


Ellie has started yelling “hah – ha!” when she’s excited about something… it just cracks us up! So much fun!

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