The Pacific Coast Highway Drive

Spectacular Views from the Pacific Coast Highway
Spectacular Views from the Pacific Coast Highway

On Tuesday, we got early to head up the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). Before heading out of town, we stopped in at The Marmalade Cafe to have breakfast. Brent was supposed to work Tuesday morning but ended up getting a shift-change, so we didn’t get to see him – but we had to go and get some French Toast! Zach and Seth had eaten there a few years ago and I KNEW someday I’d get to have that fantastic French Toast – and I have to say it is THE BEST French Toast I’ve ever had! Bravo Marmalade Cafe! 🙂

The point of renting a car and driving all the way from Las Vegas, to LA, to Monterey, to San Francisco was to drive up the Pacific Coast Highway. The highway runs all the way along the West coast – as far west as you can get – and we wanted to enjoy the drive from LA to San Francisco! Tuesday’s plan was to go from LA to Monterey. Along the coast we would stop when there were some great picture opportunities and snap a few. It was foggy in parts as we headed up the “mountains” – only about 1000 feet at the highest – but next to cliffs straight to the ocean – they felt really high!

One place we stopped was a waterfall! We were driving along and I saw it around the corner and I yelled “we have to stop!” We had flip flops and shorts on and hiked up towards the waterfall. It was like a rainforest – it was wet and cold. There were all these black rocks everywhere and it felt like Hawaii – though neither of us has ever been to Hawaii – that’s what we think it’s like when hiking! haha! So we got to the waterfall and our jaws dropped! It was amazing! We have no idea where the water was coming from, but it was flowing into a river that flowed to the ocean! It was so neat! The rest of the views along the coast were so breathtaking and I’m sure the pictures we took are not nearly close enough to what it really looked like!

We were 30 miles away from Monterey, driving through Big Sur, when we were stopped by lots of traffic! Apparently there was a mud slide (it had been raining off and on all day) on the road and no one could pass. THE ROAD that would get us to Monterey was completely blocked and would not get cleared until the next day! So, we had to turn around and drive 60 miles back down the PCH to a road that would take us east to the 101 highway to head to Monterey. This added at least 3 hours to our trip! But we were so thankful that we were safe. If we hadn’t stopped so much on our way up the coast – there’s no telling if we would have been stuck in the mud slide or not! God was watching out for us! As we turned around to head back – there was a beautiful rainbow – a double rainbow actually! So that just reminded us of God’s promise for protection!

So we got to our amazing hotel in Monterey at 11:30 that night… which is about 4 hours later than planned!! That was probably our favorite hotel and the least amount of time we got to spend there! Oh well… the trip must go on!

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