The Nursery

The Pink and Green all together now...
The Pink and Green all together now…

I said we weren’t going to share pictures of the nursery until it was done, but I can’t resist!! We finally finished the furniture on Thursday night. We painted the dresser and chest-of-drawers that was my bedroom furniture when I was growing up. We replaced the drawer-pulls too. We also painted the baby-changing topper we got from Kristen and an old shelf Zach had in college. Now all the furniture matches has been placed where it belongs in the nursery! It was great to be able to piece together all this different furniture for our little girl’s room.


The picture at the top is of the other corner of the room. The paisley stencil is finally done!! It took a while, but I’m so glad I did it! The paisley stencil matches the paisley pattern in the bumper. We just got the glider today and it’s so comfortable!

We still have some things to get on the wall, but that’s all for the decorations. We pulled out the old closet rod today and we’ll put in some new shelving and hanging rods sometime this week. We’re making great progress and soon it will all be complete, just waiting for our little girl to arrive and welcome her to her very own room!

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