The Last Two Rooms

Painting the last two rooms!
Painting the last two rooms!

As planned, Lori’s parents came up this weekend to help us paint the last two rooms. We painted the office a pretty light blue color. We thought we were going to paint our master bedroom the blue color, but were undecided. So we painted to office first to try to decide. After painting the blue we decided to go for a different color in master bedroom. So we painted our bedroom a light green color. The master bedroom had been a peachy color since Zach moved in and always wanted to change it… so we finally did! Not only was it peach, but the ceiling was painted too! So, dad did a great job of painting the ceiling white to look normal and then we painted the walls green! All in one day! YEAH!

Bye, Bye peach colored ceiling and walls…


So, based on the checklist I made in one of our last blogs, we’re making quite the headway! And we have the rest of this Memorial Day weekend! Zach has a lot of work to do this weekend for this new program he’s on – bummer! But I, Lori, plan on painting all the base-boards in the bedrooms upstairs AND re-paint our bed headboard. It had blue in it and adding green to the walls didn’t work so well. So we’ll be painting that too!

We have no more pictures to show because we want to keep it a surprise! Since we’re getting carpet delivered in the next week (hopefully) the bedrooms aren’t decorated yet because we’ve been moving all the furniture around. SO – as soon as we get the carpet installed and move all the furniture back… we’ll post lots of pictures!!