The Great Cloth Diaper Change


On Saturday we were part of an event called “The Great Cloth Diaper Change”. We are using Rumparooz cloth diapers and they were sponsoring the event with a few of the stores that carry cloth diapers here in Denver. The event was done during Earth Day weekend to help raise awareness for reusable cloth diapers.

More importantly, this was an official Guinness World Record challenge – for the most simultaneous cloth diaper changes. There were over 400 locations (and somewhere around 10,000 babies) participating! Luckily the simultaneous cloth diaper change was scheduled for 9am pacific time… which was so convenient for us. The participation was mostly in North America, but there were also other countries around the world participating!

Check-in began at 9:30am. The first 25 people in line received a great Swag bag full of freebies – including some extra Rumparooz diapers. There was supposed to be about 200 people participating in Denver – I figured we probably had a chance at being one of the first 25, so we left our house at 8am and I was standing in line at about 9am. Zach stayed in the car with Ellie – she was napping and any extra sleep was definitely good for her. The volunteers were giving tickets to the people in front of me – to get their Swag bags after the event. Then there were no more tickets… with like two more people in front of me! NO! If we could have left 5 minutes earlier, we might have been one of the first 25! 🙁  So I went back to the car and hung out until Ellie woke up. They told everyone to be there by 9:45 and it was only 9, so there was no point in waiting in line anymore. After Ellie woke up, I fed her and then we went inside.

Since it was for a Guinness world record, they had a lot of rules – like the kind of diaper you were allowed to use and once you went into the gym, you couldn’t leave – and spouses/other family members had to stay outside the gym (only one parent per child being changed). Zach walked with us through the different stations to register and then he waited outside and took a guess at the number of jelly beans in a jar for some great prizes (including more Rumparooz diapers). We sat on the floor and played until they told us to get the babies ready for the change. Another rule was to have the floor set up in a grid – as you can see in these pictures:


Ellie was still playing on the floor – in the bottom right corner… I didn’t want to hold her up until the “official” photographer was ready…


Everyone held their babies up for a “pre-change” picture… here is a shot of us in the bottom left corner… seconds away from holding Ellie in the air:


They blew a horn to start the change. A few minutes later they took at “post-change” picture. Here’s the whole group:


I zoomed in and cropped the picture, Ellie and I are right in the middle:

221584_151437004922930_140988369301127_341513_7251605_o copy

There were quite a few event volunteers taking pictures… but since spouses couldn’t come in, we didn’t get any pictures of our own… I’m so glad they posted pictures online… someone else’s pictures are better than none at all!

After the change, it was time for the raffle. We bought 6 raffle tickets with some educated guessing done by Zach. They were giving away 20 prizes. When they told us how many jelly beans there were in the jar, we were disappointed because we were WAY off! So we left the event without a Swag bag nor a great raffle prize… BUT it was still such a fun event… at almost 6-months old, Ellie will be a part of a Guinness World Record… and how many 6-months old do you know that hold world records? 🙂