The Best Job in the World!


Being a mommy to these two little ones is really the best job in the world! Some days are hard, some moments are hard; but in the end there are so many happy moments that make the hard times fade away! I love my babies! I’m a mommy at the stage in life where everyday my toddler has AT LEAST one screaming, crying-for-no-reason melt-down, but we get through it. Then the next minute she’s making me laugh. I’m a mommy at the stage where I feel like all I’m doing for my almost-6-Month-old is feeding him, changing him and figuring out when his next nap should be. It’s kind of crazy, okay, somedays it’s really crazy…. but the wonderful times melt my heart, make me smile and restore my patience for the next time I need it in full-force! While I’m feeding Ethan, I get the chance to read some blogs that are so encouraging! I read about other mom’s struggles with their toddlers and how other people lean on God to get them through each day. I make sure to fill my soul with words from Godly women who write these blogs to encourage ME (the young mom who needs encouragement)… it’s very refreshing and so helpful! Many days are just God’s reminder to me that I can’t do this alone. Motherhood – the best job in the world!


Mother’s Day was just wonderful this year! The kids were quite happy and sweet… what’s funny is that there’s no way you could tell either kid “ok sweetie, today is Mother’s Day, so please be extra sweet!” It’s impossible for them at this age to comprehend good behavior for a special day… but they were extra sweet! Ethan was so sweet and happy and giggly! Ellie was the most loving I have ever seen her be! We got to snuggled multiple times in one day (she NEVER wants to snuggle). We also sang and sang and sang songs to and from church, if I stopped, she asked me to keep singing (she rarely likes singing and even more so doesn’t like when we sing with her or to her). Silly Girl! It was a lovely weekend with my wonderful family!

Also – Happy Mother’s Day to our two moms that are so fun to spend time with and who care for our two littles so wonderfully! Life would be much different without you in our lives and we are so thankful to have you be so much a part of our lives!

Here are some things from this past week…


  • He’s giggling so much more these days! I love making him laugh!
  • He’s getting better at saying “mama” when he’s hungry (I’m pretty sure he doesn’t realize he’s calling for mama but I just love it anyway!) The other night, in the middle of the night, he called “mama” just once and I thought it was Ellie because it was so clearly said. I was just amazed!
  • Ethan has finally swallowed some baby food! We still have a long way to go before he really is eating a jar of baby food, but at least he’s not just spitting it all out.
  • He enjoys swinging on the swing outside!
  • Ethan rode in the shopping cart for the first time this week! He’s still pretty wobbly, so I brought some squishy toys and a blanket to keep him propped up! He loved getting to look around at everything!
photo 3


  • We’ve gone to tumbling class twice now and Ellie just has a blast. Basically we go into a room at the rec center with rings, a trampoline, a balancing beam, bar and ball pit. We do a few circle-time activities and then it’s kind of a free-for-all time where 10 different toddlers are playing on the equipment while their parents are trying to get them to share the equipment! ha! Ellie is doing great!
  • Potty training is kind of non-existent right now. We had done really well and then she got sick (over a month ago) and we lost our momentum. We’re back to encouraging the potty, but not making her do it. If we push too hard, she’ll just try harder to resist…silly strong-willed-child! She’s still only two-and-a-half (She tells everyone these days that… “I’m two-and-a-half!”)
  • She says so many funny things these days I’ve stopped writing everything down but here are a few silly sayings:
  • This is Great! (she gets so excited)
  • So WON-DER-FUL (separating out each syllable)
  • Let’s try Another one. I’ll be back (and she runs out of the room)
  • That’s my danny-lion! (she says to the bees at the park flying around the dandelions)
  • This week she was saying her alphabet and instead of “LMNO” she said “Elmo”… Zach and I just cracked up!


Love my kiddos!!

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