The Answer to the Question…

What have we done?!
What have we done?!

No, it is not a load-bearing wall!!!

For the longest time, we’ve really disliked the big cubby-holes in the main wall of our living room. There are two top cubes, and then a lower one on the right (where the TV goes). We always thought it would be great to take down the center column and make the top more open.

We ordered a TV a week ago with the intent of doing something with mounting it in the middle of the two cubby-holes. Zach parents are in town for Jessica’s Bridal Shower and we just decided we’d do something fun – which consists of some sort of house work – always! The picture of Zach above was him just playing around, but I thought it was cute and it looked like he was thinking “oh no! what have we done!?”

SO – today we cut a small hole in the sheet-rock to see if there was a header on top of the cubes. It ends up, it looked like it was not a load-bearing wall and it had a header to hold everything up. A few minutes later, we were tearing out the wall….


And here’s the big hole, without a center column:


And Zach patching the sheet-rock where the center column was:


Stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated with how the renovations go… and eventually the final product!!