Thanksgiving Week


Ellie is now 4 weeks old!! Here’s what happened this week… during Thanksgiving week!

Monday morning, my mom came up and we went shopping at Target and Kohl’s. This was our first real shopping experience with Ellie and she did great. Mom pushed her around while I looked at stuff. I fed her once in the dressing room at Target and then again at Kohl’s. You gotta do what you gotta do. She did just fine and it wasn’t difficult at all. I don’t think I’ll take her shopping by myself any time soon… but I guess we’ll just see what happens! 🙂

Zach only had to work Monday so he got to spend the rest of the week at home with us!! THAT was fantastic! He got some great Ellie time while he was home!

Zach’s brother, Ross, and his family came out on Tuesday night for a few days. Ross & Mindy just had a baby boy in September – Riley. This was the first time Ellie got to meet her cousin Riley. While we hung out at Zach’s parents’ house, Riley and Ellie slept side by side… with the bunny in between:


They were so cute! We spent some good time with Zach’s family hanging out and eating lots of good food. Between Zach’s mom and his aunt Alisa we had way too much food – not to mention the brisket and turkey breast that we smoked. Oh, and about 6 different types of pies! It was all so yummy! Ross, Mindy & Riley left on Friday… next time we see them, the two kids will probably be chasing each other around the house!

Friday night, we went over to Sam & Julie’s house for another Thanksgiving meal. They spent Thanksgiving with some other friends and wanted to do their own Thanksgiving meal at home – and they invited us. They fried a turkey and it was delicious!! We played a new game with them – it’s called Pandemic and everyone plays as a team. It was good that we played this game as a team because Ellie was a bit fussy so Zach and I took turns not paying much attention to the game to keep her happy.

We know Ellie will have a fussy time each day and we will just figure out how to work through it and still be social 🙂 Ellie is usually fussy for about 1 or 2 hours between 5pm and 9pm…. well, it’s been about that time for the past two weeks. Although, the first week it was from 11:30pm to 1:30am, so I guess she can change her fussy time any time she wants! We’re slowly figuring out ways to calm her down… so it’s not too bad!

One night when she was fussy, I swaddled her up and sat her in the boppy… she liked it!


So pretty!

Saturday morning, my parents came up to spend the weekend with us. We had another yummy Thanksgiving meal (our third Thanksgiving meal of the week) with them…. and more pie! We enjoyed spending time hanging out and playing with Ellie. We took Ellie up to Daniel’s Park on Saturday to take a family Christmas photo – we told her that this was the place mommy & daddy got married. We can’t wait to take her back up there when she’s a little older and can enjoy the amazing view! We got some good pictures of Ellie with us, as well as Ellie with both sets of grandparents!

Sunday afternoon, Zach and I went to the Broncos game! My program manager called me a few weeks ago and told me that they had some Club Level Broncos tickets to give away on the program and I was at the top of their list of deserving employees! He said that with a newborn they didn’t know if I would be able to go, but they also didn’t want to discount me from the list just because we have a newborn. So, we accepted the tickets on the condition that we’d get Ellie to drink from a bottle this week. If by Friday she couldn’t take a bottle, we’d give the tickets back so someone else from my program could go. Needless to say, Ellie successfully took a bottle multiple times this week!! AND – also went back to nursing without a second thought! Yeah!!! I was a little worried that once we gave her a bottle she wouldn’t want me any more – but either way she’s is still getting the same milk and as long as she’s getting fed, she doesn’t care!

Here’s her first bottle feeding…. Zach LOVED giving her a bottle!


So, back to the Bronco game. We left Ellie with my parents around 1pm and headed to the game. It was really cold so we had to bundle up really well! The seats were great! Since the seats were in the Club Level, we had a nice area to hang out in during half-time to warm up…. the area behind those seats was all closed in – which was pretty awesome. We got some hot chocolate and nachos… it some of the best nachos we’ve ever had! We stayed until the beginning of the 4th quarter. When we left, we noticed there were a LOT of people sitting inside the Club Level area watching the game from the comfy couches on the big screen TV… it was pretty funny. We got home around 5:30 and Ellie had done just fine.

It was hard to leave her for that long, but the more we leave her with my parents or Zach’s parents, the easier it will be. In the past 4 weeks, we have left her with her grandparents while we’ve run to the store or gone to get something to eat – just the two of us, but this was the first long outing. Eventually we will leave her with other people, but for now I really like that she’s been with her grandparents! I thought it was very strange to leave MY baby with a sitter (in this case, my parents) and tell them “here’s her bottles”, “here’s a bib and an extra change of clothes”, “please write down when she eats and when you change her diaper”, etc. All of these were the same kinds of things that I was told when I BABYSAT in high school…. oh my how the times have changed! I’m a mom now! I don’t think it’s sunk in yet!

Here’s a picture of the Bronco game… pretty great seats!


Today, I took Ellie in for her 4-week weight check. She weighed in at 8 lbs. 2 oz. She’s gained 12 ounces in 2 weeks!! The doctor was happy and we’ll go back in another 2 weeks to make sure she’s still gaining good weight. I’m amazed and so glad that she’s doing so great! I’ve started putting her in some of her 3-month outfits… they are still too big on her, but they look really cute and it gives her more variety in her wardrobe… something every 4-week old needs 😉 It’s really cold outside today, so I bundled her up really good to head out…. and had to prop her up on the chair to get a cute picture!


This is the outfit we brought her home in. It was WAY too big when she wore it 4 weeks ago… today, it was pretty tight trying to get her into it… although it’s still too long on her. It served it’s purpose to keep her warm – and was so cute… she might not be able to wear it much longer though. Our little girl is growing so fast!!

Here’s the link to this week’s pictures in the November 2010 album.