We have so much to be thankful for…. we have a healthy, happy family. We have a daughter who is finally eating and sleeping better! We have parents that love spending time with us and give so much time to Ellie. We are awaiting a brand new home and in the mean-time we have another place we can call home. We have great jobs and live in the best state ever!


We had a great Thanksgiving weekend! We spent some great time with Zach’s folks and my folks. Zach’s brother, Brent, came into town so it was nice to spend some time with him. One of my college roommates, Carisa and her husband, Chad, came into town with their family and we got to spend a few hours with them also. I haven’t seen them since right after college, Zach had never met them and they hadn’t met Ellie either! It was such a sweet visit!

I put some Christmas decorations up around the apartment this week. We’re not putting a tree out – it would be too hard to keep Ellie away from it and we don’t really have lots of room… so we “made” a tree on the wall… Of course Ellie loves it! And it’s just out of her reach!


Ellie had two molars pop through this week – one on her top, back-right and one on her bottom, left-back. There are a few more that look like they’re trying to pop through too! She had a couple of rough nights, but at least we have something to show for those difficult nights!


Ellie has been really loving this week! She’s been so bubbly and happy. She seems to be becoming more cuddly lately too. She loves to just lay on her stuffed animals and sometimes she’ll lay on us – it may be just because she’s tired, but it is so sweet anyway!

Ellie started “talking” more this week too! She can say “do” as in “door”, “down” and “dong”. At dinner one night my parents’ grandfather clock was making the “ding, dong” noise and we got her to try to say “dong”. It was adorable. She’ll also say the “c” sound to repeat the words for “cup” or “cookie”. She’ll make noises that sound like “oh” and “whoa!” a lot too! When she sees a cow, she says “moo”. I can’t believe the “vocabulary” of this kid!

Check out this week’s favorite pictures in the November 2011 album.

Scholz 1239p

We also received our DVD of Ellie’s one year photo shoot from Beverly… check out our favorites in this folder: Ellie’s One Year Photo Shoot Album.

In house news, our foundation has been backfilled. They’re finishing the underground plumbing and will pour the basement and garage slab early this week. They’re planning to start framing later this week – it’s supposed to snow though, so we’ll see what kind of progress they can make this week!

Here I am, standing in the garage, I didn’t know Zach was taking the picture 🙂