Terrible Twos – So Much Fun!


No, I do not think the Terrible 2’s are so much fun, nor am I being sarcastic about the Terrible 2’s…. We have officially hit the Terrible 2’s, but at the same time Ellie is just so much fun!

Every day with Ellie is a mixed bag – crazy Terrible 2’s one minute and oh-so-much-fun the next minute!! She is so stubborn and when she has her mind set on something, nothing else will make her happy. Some days I try not to fight her on everything because I just don’t want to have a day full of fights, but other days I struggle with deciding if I should fight her or not! Whew! It’s exhausting!!

She’s so sweet and cute and fun! We have so much fun playing!! She loves sliding on her slide… and coming up with new tricks!


And dressing up…. in cowboy hats…


Or her Tutus…


And running around the house! She’ll start in the family room, then say “Set, Go!” and run around the kitchen and back to the family room. It’s hard to get an action shot of her, so here she’s counting to go… 🙂


We love this girl – although sometimes she can drive us bonkers, she’s so wonderful!!! And growing up so fast!!


She’s gotten better at doing summersaults lately! She does them the best in her bed, but she’s been trying more on the floor.

Last week she said “green lime” and “black ball” without any prompting! She also said “armpit”… it’s funny to hear these new words and phrases come out of her mouth! With Dave here this week, we taught her “Uncle Dave”… her version is “Unc Day”, which is pretty good! She started saying “me too” randomly – it’s so funny because it never actually makes any sense within the context of the situation. More words to come next week!

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