Sweet Voice


This little girl has the sweetest voice. We get to hear more and more of her sweet voice these days and we just love it!!

She points to so many things these days and says what she thinks it is. We’re usually able to tell what she’s saying – with context clues of course!  She seems to know so many new words! I’ve stopped keeping track of all of her “new” words because there are so many. She calls a mower and a motorcycle “mo” – she even says “mo” when daddy is mowing the lawn! Tonight she pointed to my belly and said “baby!” I got really excited and said “Ellie, you know there’s a baby in my belly?” and she nodded her head! Then she pointed to her belly and said “baby!” hahaha! At least she’s starting to understand when we keep talking about having a baby in my belly…. she’s just going to think she does too!


We pulled a baby doll out this week – she got it for her first birthday and I didn’t feel like she would really get it until now. She LOVES that baby. I have to make her put the baby to “nigh(t)-nigh(t)” before a meal so that she’s not distracted by wanting to hold her baby. She’s starting to really love all of her stuffed animals – she doesn’t have a favorite, but typically picks one to favor each day.


We had fun playing inside a lot this week – since it was so hot outside! Thankfully, our backyard is quite shaded in the late afternoon by the rest of the house – so we even played in the grass and got some great pictures too!


I put Ellie’s tutu on her after nap time one afternoon – just to take some fun pictures! She was so cute!


We spent quite a bit of time at Home Depot this weekend – getting stuff for our raised garden beds. While we were there, we allowed Ellie to run around and follow us around the store. She had so much fun and it really wore her out! When we’re at the store, I have to walk ahead of her and Zach tells her to come get me. Then I kind of “run” while she chases me – I love watching her run!!

I took lots of photos of Ellie this week – we just had too much fun! See this week’s photos in the May – June 2012 Photo Album though.

I’ve felt lots of baby kicks this week – it’s a wonderful feeling! I find myself sleeping in one position for the majority of the night, when I wake up my muscles are a little sore from not moving much. I’m so thankful for our bed though (we bought it when I was pregnant with Ellie) and luckily my hips aren’t hurting this time around. I have been having crazy dreams lately – oh pregnancy!