Sweet Times!


It’s been a pretty laid-back week… which has been much needed! We just love spending time with our happy girl! These are just the sweetest times of our life and we try to soak up every minute of it!


We changed up Ellie’s bedtime routine this week… we still do a bath at 6:30 – but then we quietly play in the living room until she acts like she’s actually tired. We thought maybe the bath was winding her up too much because she just has so much fun playing in the water! I take her to her room to start bedtime between 7:15 and 8:00 when she starts to act fussy. I feed her and then just rock her for like 15 minutes. She’ll totally fall asleep, and then once I lay her down, she wakes up and fusses… but that only lasts for about 5 minutes and then she’s quiet! It’s probably not the best way, but at least she’s calmed down enough that she can cry in her crib alone for a few minutes and then actually go to sleep! The extra play time as a family is really nice too!


Ellie had her worst case of diaper rash this week! She was pretty red before bed on Tuesday night, so we put some cream on her… she woke up at 10:30 and nothing would make her happy (not even nursing!) and she was just wailing!!! I checked her diaper and she wailed even more! Poor baby was SO upset! That was a rough night! It made us so sad for her! It took her a few days to finally heal.


We sure hate to see Ellie not feeling well, but when she doesn’t feel good she’s really cuddly! We love when Ellie is like that – it doesn’t happen very often!

Love this girl… and her kisses!


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