Sweet Siblings


Ellie seems to be enjoying Ethan more and more these days! She likes to help with feeding him baby food, giving him a bath or throwing his diapers away. She loves making him laugh and has started trying to play with him more. Of course, she still doesn’t like sharing and gets told at least 10 times a day to give a toy back to him, but we’re learning!

Kids PLaying

I took lots of great pictures this week of the two of these kiddos together… oh, they make me so happy!! They now take baths together and Ellie just LOVES it! 🙂


We worked on the backyard more this weekend. We created flagstone steps going from the patio, down into the play ground area, but we still have some work to do so I didn’t take a picture yet. We also got 14-tons of pea gravel delivered and have about 3/4 of the pile moved to the play yard. It’ll all be done soon!! Ellie loves her playground!

Ellie is going on 10 days of potty training and doing great! She’s had countless lollipops, gummi bears and M&Ms in the process, but it’s working! 🙂  Ethan is doing pretty great sleeping in his crib, other than the fact that he’s not napping hardly at all and he loves staying up late at night! But, at least he’s happy!


That’s all for this week – it’s short and sweet… just like my kids!


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