Summer Time is Here!

The new Backyard!
The new Backyard!
So until yesterday, the idea of hanging out in our backyard was not much of an idea. All we really had was a hammock and a little patio table and a lot of plastic chairs! The weather was so nice yesterday that we decided that we should enjoy the weather and make it so we can enjoy the weather outside in our own back yard!


At 7 pm last night, we bought a 10’ x 10’ gazebo from Target. It’s got a great roof and even has a net that goes all the way around the gazebo. We’d searched most of the day at any store that had gazebos and wouldn’t you know, the most sturdy and best looking one we found was from Target! By 9:30, we had it all up and put together. This is what it looked like last night in the dark:


When we got up this morning, we got to see what it looked like in the day light! But we still needed some furniture to sit under the gazebo.

Then today, we went shopping for some furniture to go in the gazebo. Again, after searching in many places, the best set of furniture we found was at target. We bought an outdoor chandelier to hang from the top hook. We couldn’t find any tables we liked so we decided to take the two little white outdoor side tables Lori had bought for her “coffee tables” in her apartment and spray paint them to match the rest of the furniture. It looks like it was all made to go together! So here it is… our “new” backyard!