Summer Fun!


This summer has been SO MUCH FUN! Compared to the last three summers of having a nursing baby, being pregnant with a toddler and having another nursing baby – this summer has been so FREEING to get out and play!! We are no longer tied to morning nap and feeding schedules!

On the three days I am home with the kids, we get up and eat breakfast then head out to visit a park! Most weekend days we’ve attempted to squeeze a park trip in-between errands or after church. We’ve visited just about every park within 10 miles of us and we keep finding more! Taking two toddlers to a park is sometimes crazy, but it’s so much more fun than having a baby in tow! I’ve seen Ellie blossom into a fearless, outgoing, adventurous little girl!


Ethan is so strong, and easily figures out how to climb things and really enjoys slides!


Some days we only stay at the park for less than 30 minutes before running some errands or heading home, but it’s so much fun to get out and play!

When both kids nap in the afternoons, I try to get all things prepped for dinner so that when they wake up we can go out back and play on our playground! Our playground is perfectly laid out so that there’s quite a bit of shade when we’re playing in the afternoon and our back patio is wonderfully shaded in the afternoons!


We’ve pulled out the baby pool, the water table and the hammock. The kids LOVE swinging and just running around in the yard. We’ve gone swimming a few times, played at some splash parks, visited the library a few times and have had a few friends over to play!

Just last weekend we went to the Air & Space Museum for a work event for Zach. It was a lot of fun! The kids enjoyed the bounce houses and Ellie enjoyed “riding” the little planes!


July and August will be even more fun as the kids just get older and older! 🙂 Stay tuned for the adventures to come…

We have more pictures in the May & June 2014 Photo Album.