Summer Flying By…


As you can tell by the lack of posts this summer, it is just flying by and I have not had a lot of time to keep up! For the past six weeks, I’ve practically worked full-time and the kids have been awesome. I knew my work schedule would get crazy in June and July and the only way to manage the extra load was to get some extra help watching the kids. We got a college-aged girl from church and two high-school-aged girls (that are the daughters of Ellie’s preschool teacher) to take turns (along with the Grandma’s normal days) to watch the kids. The change in childcare every day kept everyone happy and entertained, the kids loved the time with the girls and I was thankful to not over-load the Grandmas with too many extra days of watching the kids. Zach helped with extra things around the house to keep everything running smooth I got to ENJOY working extra hard at work and didn’t worry one bit about my kiddos at home. It was a pretty fantastic scenario! I’m thankful my crazy schedule is almost over and I get to go back to more time at home with the kids though!

May ended with lots of rain, so we were pretty excited to get out and play quite a bit in June. We went to several parks and set up a little inflatable pool in the backyard. For Father’s Day, the four of us drove to Colorado Springs to go up Pike’s Peak. It was a beautiful day for a drive. We got to the top, enjoyed the sights and then had a picnic half way back down the mountain. Then we went and played at the splash park in down town. The kids loved it!


Our good friends are back from Finland and are renting a house this summer backed up to a beach, on a lake, in Denver! How fun! We went and spent the afternoon with them – the kids loved the water and sand and we of course loved the company! We’re so glad they’re back!



We visited a different splash park in Denver recently but still haven’t gotten the chance to get over to our favorite splash park over by Zach’s work. We’ll get there before the summer is over! We’ve gone to open gym several times and Monkey Business also. I’ve tried to have some fun days with the kids on the few days I have been home the last two months!

For 4th of July weekend, Zach had Friday off, so we went up north to an indoor pool/rec-center that has a great kid’s playground and a few big waterslides. The kids had a blast and it wasn’t too busy because the weather was so nice that everyone was doing activities outside!! A park up the street from us does a big “July 3rd” celebration and we decided to go this year. We got there early to find parking, eat some hot dogs, play on the inflatables and ride the little train ride. The kids had a blast and even though we had to wait in line for everything, they did great! Just before the fireworks were set to go off, it started pouring! POURING! We had one blanket we were sitting on and another fleece blanket to cover up with – neither were water proof! So, we covered up the best we could, the fireworks started anyway and we enjoyed the show! The kids thought the fireworks were amazing and even though we were soaking wet, they really enjoyed it! The worst part was carrying one kiddo each back to the car – probably a mile walk – soaking wet!



The rest of the weekend we just chilled around the house and enjoyed a non-chaotic weekend. Saturday night we did a few little fireworks in the front of the house. The kids really enjoyed it. They went to bed at their normal time, even with lots of fireworks popping all around. That night we saw SO many fireworks all around us – we couldn’t believe it! We guessed because of the rain, more people were willing to do illegal fireworks at their house. It was so pretty – we were bummed we’d already sent the kids to sleep! Ha!

We’ve had some friends over for dinner and have gone to some friends’ houses for dinner. It’s been a laid back enough summer to enjoy good stuff… even with me working a lot, it doesn’t feel like it was too crazy! Just not a lot of time to blog!



Here are some fun things I’ve written down about the kids for the last few months:

Both kids LOVE listening to music in the car and at home. They both love to dance and do silly things with their hands. They call songs based on one or two words in the song and we’re getting pretty good a deciphering what song it is they are asking for.

Ethan sometimes doesn’t want us to rub his back or touch him at bed time (other times he is very snuggly). When he doesn’t like you touching him, he says “don’t touch my Ethan”.

Ellie asked to listen to loud music on the way to church one morning. I told her I’d prefer some more mellow music that morning about Jesus on our way to church. Her response, “I still think about Jesus…”

When we come home from work and one of the girls has been watching the kids, Ethan yells and points to the door “Go back to work!!!!” At least we know he’s having a good time with them!

Ellie told Ethan one day “Ethan, I love you so much my heart breaks into pieces. I love you more than a butterfly’s heart”. I’m not sure where all that came from, but it sure was sweet!

Ellie one day was babbling about something and then in very clear words: “I was being a klutz because I was raised in a barn!” ha! I don’t know where she heard that!

There is a song Ethan likes on Spotify that has an “S” on the album cover. He calls it the S song. When it comes on, he yells “yay! S song! Woo Hoo!!” and then dances crazy and spins around!

One day I was telling Ethan something and said “Is that cool or what?!” and his response was “What!”

Ethan is still pretty clingy sometimes and if I leave the room, he’ll run after me yelling “wait for me mama!!”

Ellie asked me one day how daddy knows everything. She asked if he was from the future. I told her “no, he just likes to learn everything he can.” “NO, he’s from the future” she said!

Ethan’s sentences are so cute these days – they are real and make sense! It’s adorable. He can tell us what he wants for dinner or lunch “do you want a hot dog or a hamburger” and if he misplaces something, he can remember where he last had it. “I lost my zero. I put it back there!”

Ethan loves clocks and coins these days! He can be found carrying around a handful of pennies, nickels, dimes or quarters. Sometimes even sleeping with them! At this point, I’m not worried about him putting them in his mouth. I do have a bag of “clean” coins – he’s not allowed to play with money unless it’s been washed first! He does love looking at clocks and pretending like he knows what time it is. Sometimes he is accurate, but not all the time!

Fun kids! Fun family!