Such a Warm Fall!


It’s been a few weeks since we last blogged. Life just gets kinda crazy with two little ones! This blog may be kind of random – but it’s the events of the past few weeks. I won’t write much about Ethan because I’ll write a separate post about him soon – he turns 11 months old tomorrow!

We bought Ellie a new bedspread at Ikea a few weeks ago. The first night she slept all night long! I thought maybe that was key to keeping her in her bed all night – but that first night was just a fluke! ha! She loves her bedspread, but she doesn’t always stay covered up. Oh well!

We went to Casa Bonita last weekend!


I was hoping to have a fun little time, but it’s probably not the best place to take a toddler… and it’s really gone downhill over the years! The best part was riding some kiddie rides before we left.


Ellie got her haircut again last week. We talked it up for weeks that she would get her hair cut like a big girl and then she could have some ice cream. The lady took 45 minutes to cut her hair but Ellie did wonderfully! I was so proud of her!


Ellie has been watching a Barbie movie lately where the characters dance at a ball in one scene. Ellie loves dancing with them…. she’s gotten pretty good!

Some funny things Ellie has said:

  • She calls ornaments, “ornamix”
  • She calls a helmet, “helmock” (she mixes hammock and helmet)
  • She left her doll in the car overnight. the next day we got in the car and she saw it and said “my dolly! I thought i lost her forever!!”

Lastly, these two pictures need an explanation…. one evening we were playing in the playroom. Ellie was trying to SIT in the basket of the shopping cart. She got settled and then Ethan was trying to use it as a walker…. which is what you see here:


Ellie started to tip forward and the shopping cart went with her. Ethan kept holding on to the handles and ended up like this:


It was SO funny!

The weather has been lovely lately and we’ve spent quite a few days outside playing on our playground! I love this time with my kiddos!!

Here’s a sneak-peek at Ethan’s accomplishments lately…


We have his 1-year pictures coming up and I’ve been trying different clothes on him to decide what he should wear…. I took some cute pics of him and then after three outfit changes, this is what he thought about it:


Oh mom!

We have more pictures in the October 2013 Photo Album.