Such a Mover!


Remember back in the day when I got all those sweet pictures of Ellie laying around just being cute? I could take 20-30 pictures of her in the same position with different looks on her face. These days, she’s cuter than ever but it’s almost impossible to get a decent picture of her being still! This kid is a mover! She just does not sit still very often these days! She will sit still to watch about 10-15 minutes of some of her favorite TV shows or videos and will always sit to read lots of books. It’s a good thing we have belts to strap her into her high-chair, car-seat and strollers!


Ellie walks really quickly these days – almost running! She loves playing peak-a-boo with us. She likes to open and close cabinet doors and bedroom/bathroom doors. She’s been blowing kisses lately (either licking her hand OR blowing on her hand, but not the combination of the two). If we hold our hand out and say “give me five”, she’ll hit our hand with her hand! One night she hurt her hand and she then stuck it out to me – I kissed it and she was happy… it was so cute! She still waves bye-bye with her hand backward but just tonight she started waving “Hi to people at the grocery store the correct way! At dinner time she’s getting really good at pointing to what she wants and signing “want”. She’s just so much fun these days!


We took Ellie to Winter Wonder Lights at the Wildlife Experience in Parker on Saturday night. It had been a decently warm day so even though we bundled up quite a bit, it wasn’t too cold of an experience! Ellie loved the lights! She “oooh”ed and “wow”ed everything! It wasn’t as great as the Zoo Lights were last year, but we still had a great time checking out all of the lights! I left our camera on the kitchen counter as we were gathering everything to leave, so here’s the only picture I took – Ellie all bundled up (from my phone camera):


With the addition of some laxative, Ellie has become a super-pooper! Who knew that much “stuff” could come out of one kid! She’s at least feeling much better and not hurting! One problem though is that she tends to have a dirty diaper in the middle of the night, (lately) every night! I’m having a hard time questioning if she’s just awake and crying (meaning we just need to let her cry it out and go back to sleep) or if she has a dirty diaper and is saying “mom, come clean me up!” I don’t want her to get back into the habit of eating in the middle of the night, but if I go change her, she won’t go back to sleep without nursing! It’s never easy 🙂

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I created a new Building Our House photo album. I wanted to be able to keep pictures in order to document the house building progress!

The first set of wood for framing was delivered this week. Last week we thought they had poured the basement slab, but with all the snow it didn’t actually happen. So they finally poured it this week. Then they installed the floor for the ground level. Here I am standing on the new floor, with the framed back wall laying down behind me (I’m standing in our kitchen!!):


We were disappointed that they hadn’t gotten more framing started. The house down the street just completed the framing process so I’m hoping that crew will come work on our house and maybe get all the framing done by Christmas! We won’t hold our breath on that much progress, but it sure would be nice! We’ll see!