Still a Little Sick…


Ellie was still acting a little sick this week. We skipped Bible Study because I didn’t want her to get someone else sick or catch something else while she was feeling yucky. She’s been super clingy and emotional this week – so I know she still doesn’t feel great.

She’s finally back into a good habit with napping! Which is WONDERFUL! She’s napping almost 2 hours most days, which is even better than what she was doing before Ethan came along – she had only been napping for an hour. She good napping is also helping her sleep better at night also. She wakes up a few times every few nights, but it’s not like it was!

She has been hilarious this week, saying sweet things that just crack us up!

“Sit, right there. Here.”

“See, it’s fine!”

“Ewww Gross” – she learned this from Lion King.

She also likes to introduce us to strangers at the store. She’ll point to Zach and say “dada, Zach” then to me and say “mama, Lori”. It’s so funny! I’m not even sure where she learned that – she’s just a smart girl!

She also has her appetite back – times 2 or even 3!! She’s been eating so much, it’s pretty remarkable! Some days though she’ll be totally picky and not even eat a bite of oatmeal that we know she loves… but then the next day she’ll eat random foods that she’s refused in the past! Such a two-year-old! 🙂

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