Starting off the 2009 Holiday Season

My favorite decorations... garland and lights, with White House ornaments all the way up the stairs!
My favorite decorations… garland and lights, with White House ornaments all the way up the stairs!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! It’s the start of the 2009 Holiday season and we’ve got some catching up to do! Well, the past few weeks have been pretty chill around here. Neither of us has had to travel for work in the past month, so that’s been really nice! We’ve been doing our P90X workout, every day, which has been challenging, fun and making us both feel great!

Yesterday we pulled out all the Christmas decorations and got the house all decorated! As we pulled out every decoration, I kept saying “oh, I love this…”, “oh, this is so fun!” I just love pulling out the Christmas decorations! We just need some more snow to make it feel more like the holidays! We put our new 2009 ornaments on the Christmas tree and trimmed the stair railing with garland, lights and White House ornaments. Zach’s mom started collecting White House ornaments quite a few years ago at work… then she went back and ordered all the ornaments back as far as she could – which was 1981. After we got married, she gave them to us and has been sending us new ones every year. It’s neat to see how they have changed and become more ornate over the years!! Here are a few other pictures of our Christmas decor:

I think we need to paint our star red… it blends with the newly painted wall! We sure do love my home-made fleece tree-skirt!


We actually have a mantle now! Here’s an artsy picture by Zach:


Today, we got up early and had breakfast with the Crowders – Zach’s aunt & uncle down the street. Molly, Dain, Jess & Curtis were all there too! So after some great french toast, we headed outside to play some Crowder-bowl in the street. That’s their family tradition – street football on Thanksgiving day. We headed home after a bit to get our family dinner started. Lori’s parents came up from Colorado Springs. Zach picked some new recipes for our Thanksgiving dinner. We did have our traditional spiral-cut, honey-baked ham!! YUM YUM! Here’s the pretty spread of our Thanksgiving meal:


Our Thanksgiving dinner was GREAT and we enjoyed hanging out the rest of the day. After watching Star Trek, we had some Pumpkin Cheesecake! It turned out great!

We talked to Zach’s parents earlier today to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving… they were going to spend the day with Ross & Mindy in Texas. Ross likes Steaks for Thanksgiving instead of Turkey! They do Steak, we do Ham! 🙂

This Thanksgiving we are thankful for our wonderful families! We have great relationships with our parents and have been able to keep in contact with other extended family and friends! We’re thankful for our jobs and the roof over our heads. We’re thankful that God has given us the ability to not only be able to do home improvements on our house, but that we enjoy doing it – and doing it together! Most importantly, we’re thankful for each other. Daily we fall more and more in love with each other and it’s such an awesome adventure! We’re so thankful that God has given us our life together – we wouldn’t have it any other way!!

We have NO plans for this weekend! We’re not going shopping at crazy hours tomorrow, we’re not working, and amazingly enough we have no projects planned! HA! We’re excited about having a great relaxing weekend!!

You can see all of these pictures in larger format in our 2009 Holidays Photo Album.